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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Lace Top #3 - or project from H_ll!

I do so love to knit and now that I'm reading charts for lace work, I really enjoy it....except....the past few weeks I've struggled with some parts of my lace top.  

This is the original pattern can see it is more form fitting that the other lace tops I've, I didn't even pay attention to that!  HA


So when I finished the body of the top, the ribbing and bind off was way too tight on the body and on the first sleeve I what to do!!  Un-rip...but as you can see here, I was having a heck of a time trying to find the end of the yarn so I couldn 'unrip'!! 

So I got out the old rotary cutter and actually sliced through the bind off edge!   This was the body bind off and ribbing.

Actually that worked out pretty well and I was able to find yarn that led me to a row so I could reknit!  

And I was able to pick up correctly 218+ stitches!

I finished ripping out the sleeve ribbing and bind off and reknitted.  I used the Italian Bind Off again, which I love!

I'm working on the 2nd sleeve now and hope to be finished in another week or so.  I usually only knit while dinner is cooking or at wine time before dinner...20 min. here....30 min. there....See why it takes me so long!  HA

My sister is looking at patterns for us to work on together...yes, she did finish her top but she also felt it was too small so she gifted it to her daughter in Pennsylvania!  Lucky Girl.  


  1. Oh my gosh- holding my breath with that rotary cutter on all that knit work!! But you are a persistent problem solver, so I know you'll prevail! And the fit is key because you wouldn't wear it if you didn't feel comfortable in it.

  2. A good knitter is a good ripper .


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