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Friday, March 31, 2023

Some of my other books I made


Here are some of the books I've made throughout the years!  

This is called a Squash Book and I made it in 2019.  One of the ladies in our online MIP group showed us a link on how to make it.  

This is what the 'book' looks like when open.  I stuck gift cards on the inside for my grand daughter's BD that year.

This was in 2019 too.  Each page inside I hand embroidered leaves or flowers.  

This is a bifold book I keep my printed papers in

This is an accordian book that, once again, I attached some of my favorite printed papers in.

The 'other' side of the accordian book.

I made this Travelers Journal back in 2018.  Actually, this is the back of the cover!

This is the front cover.  This was from a video from Design Matters TV/Laura Kemshall.  

This is the inside of the Travelers Journal, which has little pockets for pens or brushes.  You can place a journal book for watercolor or painting and hold with the elastic.  

I honestly don't remember the name of this little book.  This is the inside where you can use painted papers or posterboard.

Hard to see but this is the front.  The piece you see in the middle extends to the inside.  Memory doesn't do me any good on where or why I made this but I'm sure it had to do with Hilary's online group!  HA

I made this book using leftover fabric from a quilt (picture below).   It's where I keep some of my zentangle drawings I did back in 2010, 2011!

I don't even remember where I found the tutorial to do the closure but after doing the coptic book edge I don't think this was right!  HA  But it's held together!  HA

One of my zentangle drawings.

I haven't done any 'zentangles' in ages!

Good place to keep my drawings.  

This was the quilt I made using strips of muslin I dyed after the strips were sewn down on a background.  This was from 2009!!  It hangs in my kitchen!  

So fun to look back at some of the books I've I can add the two from last week to the list!  

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  1. All of the books are so beautiful. They look like you spent a lot of time making them.


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