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Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Last Homely House


I just happened upon a YouTube channel called The Last Homely House hosted by 'Kate'.  I don't remember how I even came upon this channel but I think I've watched almost 75% of her videos!  Kate is a delight! And so very creative and productive!  She is located in the UK and posts all her videos from inside her lovely, charming home.  Kate is so inspiring with her quilting, knitting, paper piecing, sashiko stitching, Indigo get the drift...anything textile related you'll see a YouTube on.  Kate also has cooking youtubes!  You'll get to meet her children and see them in video's.   She is also on Instagram and has a website where she sells items she creates as well as books, etc.

2021 book
Speaking of books!  I got hooked on Kate's playlist for making books and journals.  So, yep, I'm back making some little books.  The last one I made was in 2021 which was part of Hilary's MIP FB group.   I really enjoyed making them.  You can see the inside pages on my blog here.  
It's Kate's fault that she got me inspired to make some more and she had a great tutorial YouTube to show you how!!!  Check it out here!  I'll be adding a blog post next week showing my results.  Kate also has some YouTubes on larger journals to make.  How cool!  And I think great ideas for gifts!

I have to admit I enjoy just watching  Kate sew or knit or just talk!  She is so comfortable talking to her "youtube friends".  If you have a few minutes and just want to unwind, go to Kate's channel and scroll through her playlists, which are organized by technique (paper piecing, knitting, etc.).  I guarantee you a pleasant time spent.


  1. Fell down that rabbit hole late last year. She is delightful! Gayle Kush

  2. Your little book is beautiful! I will have to check The Last Homely House out.

  3. You told me about the channel a little while back, and it is delightful. I like how you embroidered on the paper for the cover. Book making is a rabbit hole for sure, but what's another rabbit hole to us, after all?


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