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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Day 39 - 47 101 Days of Art

DAY 39

Still working away on my knitted lace top.  I finished one sleeve, picked up stitches on the 2nd sleeve and now it's knit, knit, knit!  Then I can block and wear on Easter!  That's my plan...until then I'm still playing with other art techniques.  

These are some older stamped card stock that I cut and use for my cards. 

DAY 39 cards

I cut and insert the card stock in these photo frame cards.  I like to have cards that I can just grab and send to my friends!

DAY 40

Day 40  I showed my finished disperse dyed quilt.  

Day 41 - Since I had some extra disperse dyed blocks, I decided to make a small topper for one of my buds!
DAY 41

DAY 42

Day 42- paper 5"x8" collage.  
DAY 43

Day 43 - Final layout for small quilt topper.  Now to start some hand embroidery and then free motion quilting.

DAY 44

Day 44 Paper collage 5"x8"

DAY 45

Day 45 - another 5"x8" paper collage

DAY 46

Day 46 - Yep, another collage!

DAY 47 - 1


DAY 47 - decided to reorganize my painted/stenciled/etc. papers.  I did this about two years ago and it was time for another reorganize time!  I have large cellophane bags that I put each colorway in.  

So that's what's keeping me addition our library is preparing for our 3 day book sale the end of it's back to helping out a few hours a week.  Until's knitting and embroidery work for me!

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