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Saturday, April 30, 2022


 Grass doesn't grow under my feet!  This past month we've been working on getting our local library set up for our book sale, which was last weekend!  And it was a great success....lots of work selling books for 3 days but we may look at doing that again in the fall.  

We are also very organized now...all books on the shelves around the room are alphabetized by author!  The fiction books on the tables were put in boxes designated by alpha character so it was easy to find favorites authors.  We had lots of compliments on the way the sale was set up and organized.  

This is our storage room for our boxes, which are just placed on the tables if we don't have room for the books on the fiction shelves.  We had to move over 115 banker boxes to this area, which are stacked in double rows.  Our room is now empty and ready for meetings and programs.

One of our volunteers, Amy (who is also a bigger U of M fan than my hubby!) is a great resource and our book sale leader!  She's done so many book sales and certainly knows what works...she and I are both a little 'obsessed' about having things organized so we work well together!  

I'm also working on another knitting project.  It's a lace shawl from a book called Curls 2.  The author, Hunter Hammersen, has many books and her patterns are really quite pretty!  Should only take me the rest of the year to complete this one!  HA

So by next winter, I should have a shawl that looks like this!  HA  Fingers crossed!

And I'm still doing the daily art project.  We're up to 76 days as I write this post and so far I'm doing something.  Although, I did cheat a few days posting on the book sale prep and my new car!  This is a picture from an ad for Buick.  My car is also white and so good looking!


I am so happy...this was a quick replacement but I love, love my new car!  I traded in my Envision, which I loved!  This is also an Envision but the Avenir model!  It does everything!!, and I mean everything, except make my coffee!  It will parallel or back in parking on its own!  So many safety features, which is really nice for us old folks driving!  HA  Seriously, the safety features are so good for any age.  I don't see using the parallel parking or backing in feature but hubby and I will test drive this just for the fun of it!

So that's it for a quick update!  I'm still here...still busy...still enjoying life!!


  1. Congratulations on the book sale and new car, nothing better than that new car smell. I'd be too scared to try out the auto parking!

  2. The book sale is a lot of work, but must have been fun too. The new car is pretty. I hate getting an new car and having to learn how to drive the thing. I went from a totally non-digital type car (Mitsubishi Eclipse 2002) to a button push start beeps at everything Hyundai Tucson 2017. I miss my Eclipse everyday.


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