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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Just stuff!

 Figure not point in me posting the 101 art projects I'm doing daily...not sure if you can see the posts we do but if you're on FB you can go here to see!  We're up to day 81 and this was my piece!  It's dyed, stamped, stenciled on 11.5"x14" layout paper.  

  I'm still trying to decide what to while I play with printing, stamping or making collages, I'm also thinking about what project I should do next!   Should I knit or quilt or ???Thinking of another horse hex piece?  Or another scrap piece I hand embroider Or???????  So many decisions to make, right! 

I am so excited to see our Orioles back!  The finches and chikadee's have been eating at our jelly feeders for over two weeks!  But the male and female Oriole's are back as of this week!  I love watching them!!!

Still no hummingbird's - yet!  But I so love watching these beauties!  

Both Amber and Nick's lacrosse teams made it to the WHAC final's.  So proud of both these kids....they've worked so hard to play and have done well. 

This was Amber's last year of college Lacrosse and bittersweet!  I know if it's possible, she'll be assisting some Lacrosse practice team somewhere!   This was Amber's last game with her dad and her Auntie Dawn.  

Nick did well in his freshman year too.  So exciting when the kids score!  I get to watch most games on YouTube and I do a replay when kids get a goal and send to them!  One of Nick's goals the announcer said "Impressive goal by #19, Nick S."  That was SO cool!  HA  This is our boy #19!

And I have to show some of my tulips that have bloomed...I still have groupings of others that have buds but not flowered yet.  I planted these last fall and they are a different variety of tulip..kinds strange looking but I think still pretty! 

They look sick in the photos but they really are quite pretty...just different.  

So that's my 'stuff' for least until I decide what other project I am going to start on.  


  1. Had to chuckle at the title of your post- Just Stuff. I was JUST thinking of that as a title for my next post because that's all I've been doing- just stuff. Great minds as they say. Oh, how I love your Orioles. Isn't it just a treat to see spring birds? We are on round two of a pair of beautiful bluebirds nesting in one of our fence posts. The first nest produced just one fledgling. And now there are five more little eggs in the same nest just a few weeks after the first baby went out on his own. And a treat for you to be able to watch the sports events on YouTube- you really keep up that way. Pretty tulips- can lilacs be far behind? The one flower I miss is lilacs- love the smell.

  2. It is hard to decide what to do next! I have tote bags that need made, another t-shirt quilt to make, placemats to make, yardwork and the list goes on! It is hard to squeeze it all in in the few hours I have in the evenings and the weekends. I had one tulip this year! The deer never found it. They love to eat tulips! Have a great weekend!

  3. Such fun reading all the different aspects of your life…...


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