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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Another Horse, of course!


While waiting for my yarn to arrive for my next 'drive Robbie crazy knitting' project, I decided to play around with a  paper I stenciled and dyed.  I added some white paint using a small stencil and I was quite happy with it.  In fact, I thought this would make a nice background but what could I add to it!  

As I was standing in my sewing room, I got looking at my horse hex pieces I did a few years ago and thought!  Why not another hex horse and use the paper for the horse!!  

This was the first horse I made.  I hand stitched the patchwork background, then cut out the horse pattern into the patchwork (yes, that was scary!).  I knew how many hex pieces I needed (3/4" hex) so once I made a hex square piece of fabric I just stitched around the horse. 

For the 2nd quilt, I took the horse patchwork I had cut out and started to make a larger hex background!  It was easier just to make the horse fabric!  HA  

Waste not, want not, right!  Well, I didn't have any leftover pieces so................

This was my hex pattern sheet but I was also lucky to have kept the original horse pattern I made from a free coloring page site on the web. 

So I cut out a template of the horse shape reversed and this was a smaller one than the hex horses.

I have tons of hex pieces in every color there is!  So I started to lay hex pieces around the 'paper' horse!  HA   I did like the white/peach mix on top of his back.  But nothing really did the trick for me.

As I was taking off the hex pieces, I liked the simple contrast of the white background around 'him'.

So in my stash I went.  I found this hand died piece I did awhile back - yes, I pulled out probably 20+ pieces of fabric but nothing did the trick!

So I bit the bullet and traced the horse form on top of the dyed piece.  I backed the fabric with a lightweight stabilizer because I was going to use an Xacto knife to cut out the horse but that was not  working so I just used scissors.  And, yes, I  kept the horse piece!  Who #4 in the future!  Maybe with a hex background!  HA
Then the fun came playing around with which way to turn the paper to get the horse to look right with the white stencil marks.  

I'm still playing with this part as well as deciding how to cut most of the paper away because I'll be doing free motion quilting and perhaps some hand stitching on the piece.  I'm still working on that aspect of the project.  

And my yarn came so my sister and I are starting another project together!  So much fun to cry on her shoulder when knitting doesn't work out!  HA  And to be the little sister and allow my big sister to cry on my shoulder too!  Just wish we lived closer to do this project. The yarn is quite thin and 4 or 5 wraps, which should drive us crazy!!!  It's a light weight summer T (Miya Tee) to finish it for the summer!  DUH!  Why don't I make a sweater for pressure to finish this, right!


  1. Your horse adventures are interesting! That summer T is beautiful. I am sure you and your sister will handle the project beautifully! There's no crying in knitting! LOL!!!

  2. Wow! I loved each of the horse stages!! Looking forward to hearing about this knitting project!

  3. By guess and by gosh you arrived at the right solution- this horse will be wonderful. Looking forward to the stitching! And more knitting in your future- fun (sort of).

  4. That horse is a perfect way to use that cool paper and color/pattern

  5. Super Cool horses Robbie! Nicely done!



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