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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Another Horse of Course - part 3

My Horse #3 looks decent on the background (actually under the background!) so now to decide what thread to use to stitch it down! I have a good copper/brown Lana Madeira thread but it's really hard to use in my machine.  Hard because you have to go SO, SO slow with it.  My daughter gave me a ton of her threads about a week ago and guess what!  She had a great variegated thread by Signature called 'Autumn'.  So I started to play around with sewing both threads to see which looked better.  The variegated won!  It has a touch of green in it along with shades of gold to dark brown.  I'm not a fan of quilting with variegated threads but with this stitch it did work.

Just playing around with small strips of paper on the background.

I prefer the placement above...this is too rigid.

Here he is all stitched!  I was playing around with some threads for his tail!  I'm actually putting a tail and mane on this horse!  My other two were missing both!  HA  So I'll fuse to batting and start some free motion work.



  1. I always like the look of variegated thread and this works well for your project. It will be interesting to watch the mane and tail progress. Happy stitching.

  2. Always fun to drop in here and see what you are up to.

  3. EXCELLENT design…..and happy to see # 3 on the way.


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