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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Karen Stiehl Osborn

 I'm not sure when I first met Karen, not in person but through the Internet!, but seems our first contact was either participating in an  ATC exchange or through a dog blog/Facebook page, etc.  But I have followed her on FaceBook for quite sometime.  First off, Karen is a dog lover and rescuer of dogs!  She has taken in and fostered so many and given them love, found homes and even made their last hours as peaceful as possible so they knew they were loved at the end. 

Karen is also a wonderful mixed media artist who works in layers and layers of paint and paper! I think she also has worked her magic on fabric as well!  But I am so hooked on her layering of papers for a collage piece!   Karen has a web site but not sure how much she updates it but you can see some of her wonderful work in her gallery.  I took this picture off her FaceBook page!

   Years ago I ordered some of Karen's journals to give as gifts and to keep one for myself!  Of course, right!  Turns out this journal is currently being used to keep a log of my hubby's health issue since he was diagnosed with Lymphoma!  Actually, from the time he told me he "has a lump" I have documented every test, surgery, etc.!  I love to journal so I have many around the house (dogs, myself, etc.).  It's funny, Bob will ask me when he had a procedure and all I do is pull out this beautiful book by Karen and tell him the date or answer any other question he has!  I love the colors on this journal cover Karen created!  Isn't it beautiful!  I love these colors

  This is a postcard  I received from Karen when hubby was first diagnosed.  That was so sweet of her to even send a note!  I keep it as a bookmark in Bob's journal.

I am always amazed at how she layers so many different pieces of paper, inks, paints, etc.  They just all seem to go so well. 

This is a card Karen made that I recently received!  How cool is this too!

She just has that talent for blending shades, layers that end up just going together so well!  

This is a 4" x 4" layered piece Karen sent me!  I just love the texture of all the layers!!!  And, again, how she can blend the colors to make a great piece!!!

Such a talented lady and since she is across the country I doubt we'd ever get to meet in person but I feel I know this lovely, talented lady - and so happy we connected via the Internet!  
Thank you, Karen, for brightening up my days by seeing your daily work on FaceBook and in my sewing room!  I have a little corner with Karen's pieces along with "Bob's" journal & bookmark!

Stop by Karen's FaceBook page or on the gallery in her website! 


  1. I love her layers and colors! Isn't it great how the internet has allowed us to form such friendships?

  2. Karen's work is very appealing- all those colors and layers. Bob's Journal- what a good idea. And not just any book, this lovely one by Karen. Will visit her site- thanks.

  3. WOW….thanks for the introduction!!!


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