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Sunday, October 31, 2021



I have purchased more circular needles for this top that it would have been cheaper for me to just buy a top!  But the needles don't cost anything to keep once you buy them, right!  And I have to say I really like the pattern from Valentina Bogdanova.  She has lace in a majority of her patterns I have seen on Instagram and in Ravelry.  And her instructions are so well written.  I am impressed!  You can see more of her patterns on Ravelry or on Instagram.  I already see another pattern I would like to purchase/make.....This is the color and yarn I'm using.  It's by Cascade Yarns/Heritage (wool and nylon).  

So this is/was my practice piece...I wanted to verify the gauge I needed since I had to change needle size (several times!) and some of the stitches were new to me.  Good way to "kill two birds with one stone" as they say!  I could check gauge and practice!

This Tee is knitted from the top down and has lace work just about under your chest area...then it's straight knitting.

No, I have no shame...after I binding off the stitches, I wanted to make sure the smaller lace work would fit over my head!  I had that fear!  So this was me yesterday a.m. before makeup just trying on the upper lace piece.  Actually, the lace pattern yoke continues down to under your chest area.  Fingers crossed it fits!!! 

Obviously, the collar will lay flatter around the neck area with the weight of the lace and blocking.  As  you can see in the next picture of the actual pattern.

And just to show I can clean up, here I am all ready to head out with Bob.

No I didn't crochet or knit that black wrap.  I bought that several years ago in Florida when my bud, Marcia, and I were shopping at the Villages.  I think I paid $15 for it!  Guess money I saved on buying yarn and making that I've spent on this lace top!  


  1. I’m not a knitter but your projects always make me think I should learn!!

  2. Fitting it over your head! How wise you were to check that along with gauge and stitch patterns. The lace is so pretty and looks very complex.

  3. I have never used circular needles so you knitted this is magic to me!

  4. That top will look great when finished. Such a nice lace pattern. Have a great day and thanks for your kind comment on my blog!


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