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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Knitting Time (again!)

 I showed a knitted cuff I made a few weeks ago from some old, leftover yarn.  It wasn't the best work due to the yarn fraying when adding the beads but I've worn it a few times.  I started another one but got sidetracked!  Go figure!  I have a few balls of Cascade 220 Superwash wool left from my poncho I finished last figured since I don't have a decent cap to wear  in the fall/winter on our walks, I'd make one!  Let's face it...hats are very easy to make and you can even watch a movie on your laptop while a football game is on the TV!  Yes, I do multi task!  HA

But this next project I'll only be knitting when it's quiet and I haven't had a glass or wine - or maybe I'll need a glass of wine!  HA  

My sister and I both saw this on Facebook so we are both going to make it together!   It's always fun to have us both work on a pattern so if one of us runs into trouble or one knows a stitch, we can help each other out.  
 The pattern is called Reina de Picas (on Ravelry) and I am so impressed with the instructions.  Yes, it's lace and you can either knit according to the chart or the written instructions (which I prefer).  I've used some charts for knitting but they have to be simple...I get lost easily!  

I actually had sent away for another pattern before I saw the lace top above.  This jacket is a 10+ year old pattern from Europe and a company (now defunct) called SMC Select.  
I found the pattern on Ebay and almost had a panic attack when I opened up the booklet!  It was written in German or Swedish!  But I kept flipping through the pages and English appeared!  WHEW!!!

I would make the length closer to my waist vs as high as it is here in the picture.

The yarn used in this pattern is no longer being produced.  I was at our local knit shop last week trying to find a substitute and decided to try and use my 220 Superwash leftover.  I started to knit up a swatch to see how it would work and I was quite happy with the gauge.  Ignore the bottom knitting part as I was just playing around before I decided to try to actual pattern.  I like the feel of the piece and think it will make a nice lightweight jacket.  But, I do want to tackle the lace top first.  It may take me until next spring/summer to finish!  I can always make the jacket later!

Just to show why I've been lax in updating my blog....we're having our first book sale in almost two years this coming weekend at our little library in town.  I put together this video of our upcoming sale.  With the exception of most books on the shelves around the room, books have all been donated by patrons or our library (they weed out so they can replace with newer books).  It's taken us about two weeks of volunteer workers categorizing books, moving tables, organizing books, DVD's, etc.  It's a ton of work but we're hoping for a good turnout! Yes, I'm having fun playing around with making videos!!  


  1. That lace knit looks like a real challenge- very pretty though. And the jacket is very functional plus attractive. Good luck with the sale.

    1. Nancy, actually, the pattern is SO well written, I don't think it will be as difficult as it looks. Well, that is positive thinking but looking at the other reviews I think I'll be ok! HOPE! My sister is going to knit it as well!!!

  2. Love that lace top, good luck with the book sale, it looks like a shop!

  3. The lace top is very pretty and that jacket is cute! I knitted a couple sweaters for 4-H when I was in my early teens, but haven't knitted myself a sweater since. I have knitted scarves and baby blankets though. One of these days I am going to have to challenge myself a knit a sweater.


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