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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

 I am sharing my daughter's newsletter from this month.  I thought there was some interesting points she has and thought I'd share.  I know most of my readers are not still working but some of this applies to all of us whether we are retired or not!  Hope you get some good ideas for the upcoming new year!  Or even for applying IM's to we retiree's!  HA  Enjoy!

Can you believe that it is only 75 days until 2022? I have been busy helping some of my clients put together their strategic plans for the coming year. What are you looking forward to in 2022?

I recently participated in the Experience Institute 🎇New Year’s Letter Challenge✨. It involves writing a handwritten letter to yourself that you will open on January 1st.

What to write about?
There are no limitations here. The audience is you. Here are a few questions to help you begin:
✅ What do you want to remember about your year thus far?
✅ What have you seen?
✅ Who have you met?
✅  How have you changed?
✅  What do you wish were different?
✅  What have you celebrated recently?
✅  Where do you hope to be this time next year?

This could be a great family activity, so be sure to pass it along. Maybe you know who you will see during the holidays. Encourage everyone to write a letter and bring it with them to read and celebrate together.

Let me know if you participate and want a reminder. Love to see how many people join in the fun!

Please hit reply and let me know what you think!
Many companies employ messaging applications like Microsoft Teams as way for employees to connect. Instant messaging can create a more organic, conversational atmosphere among colleagues, especially when coworkers are not co-located. It also can save time when a quick alignment or speedy response is needed. Used less thoughtfully, it can be distracting and disruptive.

Consider the following tips for professional use of instant messaging:

  • Respect the recipient’s status. If someone shows as offline, busy, in a meeting, or on presenting/do not disturb, send an email instead.
  • If a recipient shows as available, ask if they are sharing their screen and if you might have a few minutes of their time.
  • The use of dual monitors doesn’t always update the messaging application status during screen sharing. Likewise, if someone is signed into the application on multiple devices, like a mobile device and a laptop, the status may not be accurate.
  • Be patient. If the person doesn’t respond within 20-30 minutes, send an email.
  • If they respond that they don’t have time right now, respect that. Send an email or schedule a short meeting during an open time on their calendar.
  • If the recipient has time, stay focused! Ask the question(s), but stick to at most three related questions on one topic max. Your time is valuable and so is theirs.
  • If it would be easier to call than to type, ask if the recipient is able to speak before using the in-app call feature. Sometimes your colleague needs to grab their headset or close a door before they can easily accommodate a verbal conversation.
  • Thank your colleague for their time and response.

While instant messaging can be a useful tool for checking in with your team less formally, always consider where your colleague is geographically located and whether you are pinging them at a convenient time. Resist messaging contacts first thing in the morning or at the end of their workday.

Check out “12 Tips for Instant Messaging in the Workplace” and “Best Practices for Instant Messaging at Work” for additional helpful tips for using messaging applications respectfully and successfully. Many of the suggestions in these resources are worth considering for meetings and emails, too. 
Last month, we asked if you create personal strategic plans.

Here are the results!
Which platform do you use for Instant Messaging?
Microsoft Teams
Google Chat
None of the above / I don't use IM
Are you prepared for your next big step / transition or still thinking about it?

  • Join The Activators Strategy Lab to get clear on your next move.
  • Be part of a small group where you design a 6-month plan and work with accountability partners to help you execute it.
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