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Thursday, October 7, 2021


Happy Anniversary to my hubby!  30 years ago we were heading to the airport to fly to Vegas to get married!  We started to make wedding arrangements and when we got to the part of hiring a band and they  mentioned paying for an additional hour or two after 10 p.m.  Bob said "we go to bed early!  I'm not staying".  HA  

So what did we do but tell the kids we're off to Vegas to get married!  We had a get-together with the family at a local restaurant a few weeks after we returned.  Worked out good for us and we got to spend a few days in Vegas!  Perfect!  So, no marriage is perfect but we've survived a30 years nd look forward to the rest of our life together!  Just a little video I put together!



  1. Oh for heavens sakes….I never knew you got married in Las Vegas…..Ditto for us……my only regret was that we didn’t have an Elvis impersonator marry us…..but then again….Elvis was still alive at that time. I was working for TWA at the time…….naturally airport buddies saw that we were upgraded both ways…..congratulations!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, we wouldn't want to stay up late either! Love the little video.


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