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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Portuguese Knitting

Back in 2017, I posted on my blog about learning Portuguese knitting and how much I love it!  Well, as my readers know, I've been working on making a pinafore for our great grand baby, Rilynn, for Christmas.  Well, due to time constraints (PA visit, company, and any other excuse I can think of!), I'm not going to make least I don't think so.  I have to get the kids, who live out of town, their presents wrapped and mailed by Tuesday at the latest. 

Also, I don't know how to pick up stitches using the Portuguese knitting method!  AND I can't even remember how I would pick up stitches the 'old' way!  I don't even remember how to hold my yarn the old way!  So funny!!!

I can do all the other stitches (e.g. binding off (which is so cool using Portuguese knitting), YO's, etc.) but not picking up stitches.  I have Andrea Wong's book and have looked at her classes I have on Blueprint but I couldn't find anywhere to show how to 'pick up stitches' using Portuguese knitting. 

So I emailed Andrea via the discussion tab on her video (on Blueprint).  Andrea is so good at replying to any question you have and she did reply to me!!!  In fact, she's going to create a YouTube video on how to use Portuguese knitting to pick up stitches!  How cool is that! 

So here my little pinafore sits...waiting for me to pick up stitches around the neckline & arm holes, sew the seams and buttons on, block and then I'll be done!  Maybe Rilynn will get this for her BD in July! 

It's not like Rilynn knows it's Christmas and she's getting or not getting gifts...thank goodness for that!  I'm a bad great grandma...

How cute is little Rilynn and her mom, my bonus grand daughter! 


  1. Well you are running a little behind on your Christmas To Do list! lol. Speaking from experience, kids just don't care when gifts come, they just love getting them. I send a package out to CA every month!. Don't want those Little to forget Bama and Papa! That pinafore is so pretty. I wish I had learned to knit years ago. Now I want to spend time doing what I know how to do.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  2. The pinafore is adorable- as is Rilynn! Well, you want this to be done right not quickly, so it's good you'll get the video for some further instruction. The ombre look to the stripe and those little rosebuds are just perfect, and you are very close now.

  3. You're a Wonderful great grandma....what a precious little pinafore and definately something she'll keep for a long time.


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