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Sunday, June 16, 2019

A little of this and a little of that!

First off, I am reading a fantastic book!  I've had the book on order at the library since I saw the author, Mitchell Zuckoff, speak on GMA awhile ago.  I picked it up this past week and looking at the size of it I didn't think I'd meet the 2 week limit on checking it out.
I don't read hard copy books often except in bed at night..I do listen to books on my Ipod but this is a hard copy...over 500 pages and worth every minute of reading.  Yes, it is depressing, sad,'ll shed tears for sure but each page is worth the read.  I've read over 400 pages and find it hard to put down at night!

I've also made two more textile cards from my painted/dyed papers!  On these I added some Neocolor crayons to enhance the leaves.


And I've been quilting on my latest collage I made using some of our mask Gelli prints.  The papers are getting a tad wrinkled from my twisting and turning as I do free motion quilting, but they will iron out - I'm sure?  HA

This is the collage I made.....still not sure of the orientation!  I keep changing my mind...but you get the idea!

And here are some closeups of the quilting I'm doing around the leaves.  Still having fun!!!


  1. Your collage soooo great….I just love everything about it.

  2. I prefer the brighter ones... Cheers


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