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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Honest, I'm still here!

This is always a busy time for me (and others!  HA)....not a lot of art work being produced but I will find time to knit....

or hand sew hex's (what else!)...I have two projects in the works...I get bored working in one colorway!  HA

Not sure what I'll do with these hex's...but it will be fun to have for a project, right! 

and I  played with a quick bud, Carol, gave me the current/winter copy of Cloth-Paper Scissors magazine.  She thought I'd be interested in the article by Birgit Koopson on Resist Gel-Plate printing.  Birgit has written posts for the Geli Arts blog as well as her own blog/magazines/etc. 

This are Birgit's results.....

And mine...not so great but it was fun to try....

This was just a picture of landscape from a Nat Geo magazine

This was a picture of a Tiger from Nat can see some of his stripes on the right side and his whiskers!! 

Again, fun to try and who knows I might give it a go this winter and try printing on fabric.

This particular article was also on the Geli Art blog written by have to fast forward to get to the magazine transfer part but it's an interesting video. 

And I did bake for Thanksgiving dinner at my son's house, which was wonderful. Got to see and talk with Amber.  She was home for a few days from college.

I have finished a MAJOR project I've been working on over the summer/fall for a special Christmas gift...but I can't show it until after Christmas!  I am so happy with the results and can't wait to gift it!!!  So now it's time for decorations to be up, Christmas cards to mail, packing of my art supplies and time to shop for gifts!  I am behind with gifts this year but most will be getting gift buy what they want so hard to surprise them!


  1. I for one certainly do not believe you are idle for one minute…..even during busy holiday periods!

  2. You are diligent with your hexies. They are good sit-and-sew things to prevent idle hands. I tried that Gelli printing method. The results are mixed with apparently a lot of variables like contrast, paper, image. I got more bad images than good ones, but still it was fun. Those meringue pies and tarts looks wonderful. Yup- busy time!

  3. Really love the hexies!! And with your knitting, love the bowl! I need to look at my CPS digital mag. I missed that article. Love the magazine transfer. Looks like you have been a busy bee!

  4. It looks like you've been more than busy! Those desserts look delish.


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