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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Leaves..and more leaves....and a pie!

So beside football what else to  do in Michigan during the fall!  Here are a few things!

Still working on my French Knots for Mr. Blue's background........he'll be holding these flowers in his hands/paws!

You can see previous post on Mr. Blue and his new home!

And French Knots for the grass area.....

Yep...Apple Pie is something else to do...I made this on Sunday.

Raking leaves is another.....

We are up to 19 bags and more to come!  These are some we did the other day and yesterday we bagged up 3 more!  Leaf pickup guys will love us this week!  NOT!

And who knew......this is a leaf my bud, Susan, sent me from Florida!  She found it on the golf course and thought it would make a great new project for beading!  Susan is the reason I beaded my first can see that huge bugger here!  But I do love it!

This will go to Florida with me along with all the beads!  Isn't it great!!!  Yea, like I need a new project!  I do love this leaf and it will be great to bead!!  Thanks, Susan!!!
So, now it's time for more football...and more leaf bagging!  Until next time...............


  1. You certainly have ‘all things fall’ covered……down to the the pie….yummmm.

  2. A whole new idea with this post.........I have used leaves for printing and then embroidery and beads but not fully beaded. Do you use the printed paper and bead right over it? Lovely, and the new leaf will be fabulous!

  3. I'd say you earned your pie after raking up all those leaves!

  4. We hurried to get our leaves to the curb on our only 1/2 way decent day this week and woke up to snow on the ground that one done just in time. Gosh I love the piece with the french knots. It reminds me of the weed/grass I have in the pond. Can't believe it's almost time for you to head south again.
    xx, Carol