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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Look what's in our own house!

Last month I did a post  talking about the talent around us.  In that post I showcased one of our neighbors who is a talented artist (you can see that post here).  Well, for some reason, I didn't even think about the talented hubby I have!!!  Bob painted back in the '80's and we have several of those  paintings hung in our house (along with my art quilts..HA). 

I thought I would showcase some of his excellent work!  I've tried to encourage him to get back into painting with oils but he said it made him a nervous wreck.  He is quite the perfectionist so I can understand how it would make him crazy!  But who knows...maybe when his golfing days are over he'll actually get back into painting!  My fingers are crossed! 

Hope you enjoy Bob's paintings as much as I have over the years.

I've always loved this simple oil painting of an apple.  It hangs in our dining/kitchen area so I get to look at it daily.

I  recently hung this picture in our bedroom.  It was hung up for several weeks before Bob even realized it was in the room!   Another painting I enjoy daily.

This is one of my favorites...the depth and colors are beautiful.  It hangs in our master bath.  So another daily painting I get to enjoy!

A closeup of the mountains.  Aren't they beautiful.  Even the sky is so natural!

This one hangs over the fireplace in our family room. 

This one is now in our work room where I dye/paint and where Bob does all his "Mr. Fix It" projects!

I didn't take a very good picture of this snow scene.  Love his water and the reflection.

Another winter favorite winter scene.

A closeup of the trees and water.  Bob is a pretty talented guy, isn't he!!! 

I have asked Bob to help me when I've been quilting portraits, which I don't do often!  I'm just not good at it but he's helped me out to show me shadows and depth I need to quilt to get the thread work just right.  Guess I'll keep him around another 27 years!


  1. Robbie….these are fabulous. If I were you…I’d be having him draw motifs for you to translate into fabric!

  2. Wow!! Bob has amazing talent. Terry used to carve wood back before his RA got really bad in his hands. I have a lot of his pieces displayed. It's easy to take our spouse's talent for granted, isn't it.
    xx, Carol

  3. Wow- Bob has completed many beautiful paintings. Indeed the shading and shadows are worth noting. He really gets that element just right. Hard to choose a favorite.

  4. They are just beautiful...he is a real talent and so wonderful you have them hanging where you can enjoy them daily. It would be hard to pick a favorite but I lean towrds your favorite winter the meandering stream and Christmas trees.

  5. Bob’s paintings are spectacular. What a wonderful team you two make. The Artist who paints and the Artist who beads, quilts, knits and makes fiber arts that are amazing. November Blessings...

  6. I'd definitely keep those beautiful paintings on display too! He's got talent, too bad he stopped. Don't they make faster drying oil paints these days? I don't use oils so don't know about them. thanks for sharing your talented husbands work! You two ought to collaborate more.

  7. What a talented husband you have, I have to remember to add more darks and shadows in my work too. I have 3 paintings that my father painted and I am so glad to have them.


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