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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Winding Down

I know ya all are tired of hearing the sentence "I can't believe it's December already"...well, I can't either!  I feel like we just got home from Florida and now it's time to start thinking about heading south again!  I'm not complaining, honest, and I'm so grateful that we are blessed with having the friends in Florida who allow us to stay at their 2nd home!  BUT....I hate leaving our house...I am getting to be such an 'old lady'...I don't want to leave home!  HA 

At least I got the tree up before December!  I told MaryJo (our DIL) that it was their fault I was later this year.  They usually come up for Thanksgiving so I like to have the tree up.  They didn't make it up this year and  I put off decorating.  But, it's all finished now.

These are snowflake stencils I've had for over 27 years!!!!  Amber always teases me about putting these on the dining room/patio doors..but they've held up all this time!  HA  I do have other decorations up throughout the house. 

Display at the knit shop

I finished my 2nd shrug called Summer Night on Ravelry.  I saw this at our local knit shop and she made it smaller than the pattern.  I followed the pattern but using a different weight yarn so mine came out smaller too but I like it better.  That's why I made 2 of them!

This was the first one I made

And my latest one finished.

I'm thinking of making another sweater type shrug from Sally Melville's book written with her daughter.  It's the cape/shrug on the top right.  I made one in beige (go figure!)  with brown trim.  I have some yarn in a beige (I know...the same yarn as the two shrugs so, I might see if I have enough yarn to finish.  I bought two extra skeins in beige when I bought this latest yarn.  I wear this cape/shrug often with a brown top under it.  Looks cute!

I've also been working on the Christmas list...we have 13 to buy for (Bob and I don't exchange gifts) so there's a lot of thought process on what to give who!  Geeezzzz  Gets harder each year!  I want to make sure the kids get something they can use or's getting more and more that gift cards to special places works best. 
So that's what I'm up to now!  I have some items already packed up for sewing and for dyeing/painting/etc. to take to Florida.  I've really cut back big time on what I'm taking this year.  But my BFF, Susan, from Florida did encourage me to bring my sewing machine.  I almost didn't......


  1. I hear ya, after having two homes for over 20+ years……I firmly voted ‘no more’. So when the snow and ice comes to our NC mountains…..I reminded myself that usually within 2 days we are back to our normal winter temps. of about 45. However, FL for a couple of months each year sounds tempting…..all that planning/packing etc. is keeping you young!

  2. You won't hear me naysaying about how often you can't believe it's December already- I say it about as often as you do about everything! Thanksgiving for instance seemed to just come upon me while I was still brushing beach sand out of the car. I'm rather a homebody, too, so understand your wanting to stay in place. And yet, the travel, friends, and adventure are awfully nice, too.

  3. Well, I'd hate to pick up and go away every year. Maybe I'd just like to buy a house down south. We think about it but the weather trade offs are too much to try to figure out. And then there is health care. We have searched that too and find we are very blessed in this area to have great medical care available. We don't take that for granted.
    xx, Carol

  4. Love your shrug! I knitted one once, lost it in the flood. Maybe I will knit again one day. I really enjoyed it.

  5. Love your knitted shrugs. December did come all too fast for me. We are still in remodel mode here but I do have my little tree up and decorated. Shopping and buying gifts is such a chore come December. I try to gather gifts all year long. And...I am a home body for certain! December Blessings Dear...xo

  6. Hope you are having a lovely time in Florida. Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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