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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Another Throw Back Thursday Post!

 I honestly don't remember when I made these knitted bags...but it was YEARS ago...a around 2008-2009.  I only know that date because that's about the time I purchased the book, Embeadery, by Margaret Ball.  Margaret had a section on beading a mandala.  Where I found the knitted purse pattern I have NO idea!  This is the first one I made. 

I used hand dyed fabric to line the inside. 

The color is really prettier in person.  It's a dark green yarn which isn't showing up well here at all. 

I used Berroco Suede yarn to make two of the purses.  I'm sure the pattern was by Berroco but I'm too lazy to search for it! 

This is the second one I made.  This one is more square vs rectangle shape above. 

You can see the beaded  mandala better in this picture.

They are all wrinkled from laying under some other boxes I had in the closet!  Oops..guess I need to pack them better when they return to the closet!

The yellow one was made with a fabric yarn but I don't remember the name.  As with the green purse, the yellow is really so much brighter than this picture...kinda poor beading pattern but I was just getting into this embeadery business!  HA

Again, hand dyed fabric for the lining.  You can see the yellow is trying to get brighter!  HA 

I have used these purses but it also has been years!  Not sure what I'll do with them!  We don't go anywhere dressed up to carry guess they'll stay up in my closet (that's where I found them!  ha).  Just something else the kids will say, when I'm gone..."what the heck are these?"  HA HA


  1. Truly works of art….is there anything you can’t do Robbie?? Impressive...

  2. These are wonderful, Robbie? I'd suggest you add a long strap (narrow cord or beaded maybe) and wear them as cross-body bags to carry your phone and credit card when you are out and about. They'd look great, you'd get some use from them, and I bet people would enjoy seeing the knit and beadwork. There is your winter project! Toss them in the car to come with you.

  3. Your bags are works of art...maybe displayed on a wall......I have my mother's old evening purses and I hung several of them in a guest bathroom....

  4. Love the linings. Cheers from Carole's Chatter - and Merry Christmas!


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