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Saturday, December 22, 2018

When you're bored it's hex time! Or is it knitting time!

I've been bored at night with no hand work so I pulled out some of my hex's I had packed away.  I just can't sit at night watching TV.  Have have to be busy.  HA

I am adding white and some pattern fabrics to this collection..what am I making, you ask?  Well, I have NO idea!  It's busy work!  I get bored, remember!

I have also been looking at a few knitting patterns....this is a really cute sweater on

I would knit this in a cream or white...isn't it cute!!
The reviews are mixed on the instructions...some say even an experienced knitter had a problem with them.  Then another person will say "no problem...well written"....hmmmmm  I think it's a chart which may have caused issues with some...I'll wait until we get to Florida and I may just try to order the pattern. 

And, I wish I saved the blog where someone posted a link for these adorable knitted rabbits!  Thank you whoever!  How cute is she!!!  They have pigs, elephants and adorable!  I am going to purchase a pattern or two. 

I 've gone to the Little Cotton Rabbits web site and to her blog.  This is a link to her Facebook page...and here is her blog and then all the patterns for her little animals! 

I say "her" because I didn't find her name yet!  But it doesn't matter...her patterns are adorable and from the reviews, instructions are spot on!

I will definitely be making a few of these while in Florida...well, that's my plan...if I have time between buds, art work, dinners out, and of course, my margaritas! 


  1. I'm with you- I need something to occupy my hands while watching tv! Love the bunny- she's adorable.

  2. Love your Hexie colors. Super cute knitted sweater and that knit bunny is beyond adorable. Safe Travels Dear...


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