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Monday, December 17, 2018

Packing Up

Well, it's that time...winding down and packing up!  I think I mentioned before on a previous post I am not taking as much this year - sewing or art supply wise.  (yes, that's is my salad shooter bottom right!  I need shredded carrots, zucchini for the girls dog food I make!  Too hard to chop so this comes with me to Florida!). 

My Florida bud, Susan, suggested that I DO take my sewing machine...I had mentioned in a previous post I was thinking of not taking it is packed up but I don't think I will set it up as I usually do...until I need it!  I also have my ironing pad and pad I use for painting/printing on fabric.

This is what the car back seat and floor looks like normally!  This was last year. 

 I won't pack up the back seat until this weekend but you can see how much I packed last year! 

This is the middle floor in the back....I just keep putting items on the floor to reach the top of the back seat(s). 

The seats have space saver bags on them to raise up the seats.  Dog crates go on top of the bags so girls can look out!  Gotta keep them happy traveling too!  Kalee sits behind drivers seat and Gigi behind my seat.

The dogs are usually sleeping for the most part!  Well, with the exception of Kalee (above)...she doesn't want to miss anything!  HA

I  have the 'girls' dog bags all packed up.  They have extra collars, harness', medicines, shampoo, towels, rain coats (always rains in Georgia!) and booties (their feet get so dirty if they don't wear them when we stop).     Gigi is ready to go!!!

So at least two in our family is packed up!  HA  Bob and I don't pack our clothes until the day before we leave!  I pack up bedding/towels/instant pot and our printer...easy to do those before hand.  I guess after 13 years I have this packing down!    Or at least I should, right!


  1. I marvel at your overwhelming annual task and envy the escape to FL for the winter!

  2. Lordy- is it really that time again? Just seeing all that work tires me out, to say nothing of the mental process you must employ. Like putting a puzzle together, but you sure have the system ready! Good luck.

  3. well, you have this moving back and forth down pat. My grandson bought a new 40' 5th wheel that they plan to live in until they decide exactly where they want to buy a house. 2 bedrooms plus a sleep loft. They are in Miami setting up a new storefront then back here for Christmas and then on to Colorado. He is doing what we wanted to when we were young. Be safe.
    Merry Christmas

  4. You are so organized! I'm exhausted just thinking about the packing, especially with all the holiday activities at the same time.


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