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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mr. Blue is now home!!!

Mr. Blue weighs 3.5 oz. and is 7" high and 7 3/4" wide.  Here he is all beaded and ready for his new home on a quilted wrapped canvas!!!  

And before I forget...I have to thank the ladies from the Fiber Art Bee group from Gainesville, Florida.  A few years ago I did a trunk show for them.  The ladies put together a bag of blue beads for me to use in Mr. Blue!  The bag had to weigh over five lbs!  or more!!!  I used almost all of the seed beads that were in that thank you ladies!!!

And here he is, finally!!!  Hubby helped me attach the quilted background on to canvas...we are getting to be experts at this process!  HA  I'm quite happy with the results.  Some of the color on the pictures aren't very vivid.  This green is what the background really looks like!  HA

This is an animation of the beading process...I started Mr. Blue in March of 2016....

This shows the background before I added the  French Knots...

The French knots and embroidered stem just added so much more to the piece.


Once the quilted background was attached to a wrapped canvas (thanks to my hubby!) I sewed Mr. Blue on.  You can see the white pin heads holding 'him' in place.

Some closeups of the background stitching and knots

Color isn't so good here!

I recently did a blog post on how I start  my bead embroidery projects.  You can read that post here.  So now it's time to be thinking of the next beaded piece!  My bud, Susan, sent me a leaf she found on the golf course in Florida.  So that leaf is headed south to Florida for our winter and possible use as a photo for a bead project.  I think the colors will be great!  Just never know what I might end up beading!!!


  1. I have always loved Mr Blue...I'm so glad he now has a home! <3

  2. It's like a birth announcement! He is home at last. It looks wonderful! I'll share your post to the Fiber Art page so they can see what happened to the sack of blue beads.

  3. He is wonderful. I like the colors you chose and of course your beading/stitching is perfection.
    xx, Carol

  4. oh, Robbie...that is amazing. You've inspired me to get out my beads and try something like this! wow wow wow!!!!!!!

  5. Hooray finished at last and he's gorgeous

  6. You did such a great job on the beading here! His body actually looks like fur!

  7. Beautiful I am so glad the fiber art bee was part of this stunning piece.

  8. Stunning. Spectacular. Fabulous. Amazing. I could go on and on about Mr. Blue Squirrel. Your beading really brings him to life and now he has a lovely spot to enjoy. I LOVE this Work of HeArt you have created dear. XO

  9. Wow you really persevered with Mr. Blue and he is amazing and wonderful! You must be quite proud. You should be!
    Guess I haven't been here for awhile, you changed your blog background. Looks good!

  10. Robbie, I took a quick spin through some of your blog. Holly cow you have been busy. Your work is gorgeous...I sure have missed you. Hoping I have a slow work night so I can catch up with all your beautiful work.


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