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Monday, November 5, 2018

Customer Service - Alive and Well!!!

This isn't a post on art work...but I have to acknowledge great customer service!  Last March, my bud, Marcia and I went to the Tioga Fine Art Fair in Gainesville, Fl.  A nice day for looking at some great art work and unique items.  I happened upon a vendor selling unique clocks....Brake Time Clocks.  I found a perfect birthday gift for my son's 50th birthday, which is this coming Tuesday.  This is the clock I bought.

 It's a clock set in a piston! How cool is that! Especially with my son's work as an engineer with a supplier of heavy duty axles/etc. (no, I really don't know what they produce...I just know it's a big supplier!).  Anyway, we took out the battery last March so it wouldn't corrode...but when I put in a new battery this past week, we couldn't get the clock to work.  We tried several batteries, yada, I emailed Kayla at Brake Time Clocks!  She emailed me back the same day and said "no problem.  I'll mail you a replacement"!  How cool was that!  So I sent her my son's address because I was heading down there on Sunday to give him his BD present!

When I arrived at his house on Sunday, my DIL said "do you know what this is?"  It was a replacement clock!  She said that my son didn't know who sent this to him.  It was so I had Darrin open his BD present and he put in the new clock!  It's great and he loved it. 

So I wanted to acknowledge Kayla and her business!  I was so impressed with, first, getting a reply back the same day and second, my son receiving the replacement clock even before he got his 'piston clock'!!!  You have to check out her web site (she and her hubby, BJ Taylor own the business) and look at some of her clocks made from car parts!!!  How cool are these!

Thanks again, Kayla!  I hope you and hubby have continued success in your business...your work is unique and make wonderful gifts!!!  And your customer service is A+!


  1. Wow, those ARE unique clocks. That business will probably live a long time with that great customer service.
    xx, Carol

  2. That couldn't have worked out better! What a unique timepiece. Will check out their site.


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