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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nemo is going fishing!

Woohoo!  Nemo is finished!!! 

 I'm happy with how the string art inspired me to create this piece!  The background is a deconstructed screen print I did last winter.  Not sure what I'll do with it!  But what else is new!  For those new to my blog, you can see where I started creating 'Nemo' and the progress when I was trying to decide what fish to use!

I added yarn edging and faced the quilt, which measures 12 1/2" x 18".   Also, sequins and beads were added for each eye of the fish.  If you look at my previous post for Nemo, you'll see where I changed the thread painted fish and made a new blue fish and a second orange fish to cover him up!  I wasn't happy with the thread fish!  This looks so much better.   I think one of my blog readers left a comment and said to "flush" that fish!  HA  Good suggestion!

Isn't he cute!!  I used a black seed bead for his eye with a dark blue sequin.  

Not sure which fish is Nemo!  But I think they're happy in their new home!!

I really enjoyed playing with the string art but the hard part was deciding which fish to, orange, one or both, etc.  Thanks to all my blog readers who gave suggestions to help me decide which fish or how many to use!


  1. From start to a fabulous finish this piece has been so much fun and inspiring to follow… it!!!

  2. And it all began with a piece of string! This turned out just beautifully. By the way, Craftsy has a good lesson on using the Instant Pot (BluPrint it's called now). I made a great Italian sausage, bean and escarole stew. Have you been using yours now you're back home?

  3. This turned out wonderfully! Best use of string art I have seen. Fish look great, 3 is always a good number to use. Well done.

  4. love love love it! I still haven't tried it to do it soon!!!!!

  5. They look VERY happy in their new home! I love it

  6. This is such a pretty piece. The fish are perfect too. Perfect!
    xx, Carol

  7. You are so very creative and this finished piece is perfect. Using your string art in such a clever way is just the right hiding places for Nemo. Love the colors and layout! <3


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