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Friday, July 20, 2018

Did you miss me???

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth!  I'm still here!!!  Had major computer issues and had to purchase a new one!  UGH!  Fortunately, I keep most of my files on OneDrive and by using Google and Microsoft my computer is almost all caught up!  Whew! So, I'll be back to my normal life's story or art work!  HA

I do have one bit of good news!  I won Lynn Kraczyk's (Smudged Design Studio) newest book, Hand Stitched Surface!  

Lynn had a hand stitching tip + trick blog hop last week. Some really good tips from five different artists as well as Lynn!  And the plus side she also had a give a way and I won!   

I commented on a tip/post by Ana Sumner on securing your thread on the needle!  You know how the 'end' always slips out and you end up threading your needle more than you sew!  Well, check out Ana's post here!  What a great tip and it works!  And while you are on Ana's post, check out some of her other posts and her gallery of work!  She also has some great video's for silk ribbon work!  

Thanks for the tip, Ana!  And for picking me as a winner!  Made my week that's for sure!!!  Now to get back to that new computer and tell it what it needs to do!  HA


  1. The worst…..having to get a new computer and getting it up and running ……but it sounds like you’ve motored through pretty well!

  2. Oh the aggravation of having to get a new computer- it's such a huge task. Glad you are back. The book looks like a good one, and you do so much hand work, it should be of benefit.

  3. I loved that hop. Lots of good tips. Congrats on the win.
    xx, Carol

  4. Congrats on the win,
    I think I fell off the earth too.
    Been busy getting last minute projects done and had no time for the computer.

  5. Lucky you on your win! I entered, but wasn't as lucks. I may just have to buy it, as it sounds like a fun book.


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