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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Whta to do with it all!!

Last week I decided to clean out my quilt case where I have quilt made over the years.  Keep in mind there are LOTS more that I've made for family and friends that aren't here!  I have a photo book of those!  HA Anyway, what do we do with all of these quilts!  What should we do with all of these quilts!  What do you or have you done with your quilts or don't you have this problem!

Sure, they make a good floor blanket for the dogs!

So, I decided  whether a quilt would make a good hum bug bag, snap bag or cut up for fiber card or other use!  So this is one pile!  Some will make nice bags and and fiber cards.

Next, I gathered all my quilts I made using Tyvek.  I am considering submitting another article to QA magazine on using Tyvek in quilts.   Now I need to decide where to stash these!

I only have a few in progress....

But I have all of these hanging on the walls throughout the house!  And I didn't even take a picture of the table toppers or quilts on the backs of chairs or couches!  Yikes!

Oh, I forgot about these!  They hold my fiber cards, 8"x10" quilts I made for the Bead Journal Project as well as our CCC art group.  We would produce a new piece each month.   I keep all of them in folders.

I didn't take a picture of my quilt case before I removed and created the different 'piles' for the quilts.  Now I just need to find a spot to put the 'quilts to cut up' and 'tyvek' quilts!  And then where to put all these quilts on the walls!  HA

I rolled several quilts together so it looks like there are only a few quilts in here.  HA  Don't I wish!  Also, see the NatGeo lady I did several years ago...she's on the bottom right...I thought it look eerie so.............I moved her to the back!  HA

The quilt case doesn't look so scary now!  HA
So let me ask you, my readers....what should we do with all of our quilts!  I've given several to our local library, where they all still hang to this day.  But really.....maybe I need to stop making quilts.  I did bring this up at our last art group meeting.  Why am I still making art quilts?  It does keep me from sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas (there is nothing wrong with that if you do....I'm just not a TV person during the day).  But really, I can't give any more away....and some just won't cut up well for making something out of them.   I also want to remove some from the never see them hanging on those make over shows!

Well, I better stop writing this post and get busy working on a quilt!!  HA


  1. A question without a good answer...too many quilts, all piled up, no selling venue, can't give them away, and yet I can't wait to start the next new project. I think I understand addiction a little bit!

  2. Ditto Kathy’s comment….in my area selling venues are fraught with competition, an incredible amount of competition. As long as my fingers and eyes work, I don’t see myself refraining from creating art quilts…..I guess the next generation will be stuck with them!

  3. Oh I hear your pain! I ask myself this all the time- what to do with them all??? And question myself about making more. But quilting is cheaper than therapy as they say! So just enjoy the process and pile 'em up. But I await a comment that has THE answer we are all looking for.

  4. We are having a silent auction/small qilts/quilted items sale in conjunction with the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show. We have one every two years. We started doing this as a way to raise some money to have professionals consteuct the frames for our show so we didn't have to mwn handle them ourselves. This year we will have well over 400 items for sale or auction. Several people have donated multiple items. You could do something like that. It's work but the more money we make the more money that goes to our charity at the end of the year!

  5. I often wonder what you DO with all your create. I am so left brain thinking that what I make must have a useful purpose. I'm pretty sure that is what deters me from trying all the Art Quilt techniques I come across. What to do with my BJP pieces and CQJP pieces. But don't misunderstand. I LOVE to see the Art Quilts and admire the skill and creativity of the artists. I'll be intrested to know if you find a solution.
    xx, Carol

  6. A tough question ...think all of us who create have that problem....Have you perused the downtown area for venues to sell...sometimes a restaurant will feature art on the walls for sale or get together with friends and have a "holiday boutique"...Does your area have an art walk...Our area has several towns which sponsor them during the year.....OR sell on your blog....or Etsy....Good luck..your work is wonderful!

  7. I have the same problem and I've also thought that maybe I should just stop making them. But then I start craving those wonderful colors and the feel of fabric in my hands and I just keep going. What's not hanging on my walls or given away is rolled up on pool noodles and piled on a big metal shelving unit in an extra bedroom. It's cheaper than therapy!

  8. Giving them away, selling them, would that really make a difference in what you feel compelled to make? it is a wonderful creative outlet for you; for us. Keep making them, you are a inspiration to me. Pile 'em up, remake them into something new. I took a pile of mine to the thrift store awhile back. Art quilts. Maybe they live in someone else's home now instead of a box in my studio. I don't want to bother with trying to sell them, I'd rather spend time making things. I must say, you have me beat in the art quilt category by a landslide!

  9. Robbie Dear you are sew very creative and you should never stop unless you wish to. Displaying your amazing fabric art in your home is NOT a crime. Those make-over home shows have zero personality for real living people...IMHO. I cherish the pieces you have shared with me over the years. Thank you for being YOU and creating amazing Art with Heart. xo


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