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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Look what I won!!!

Yep!  I won a copy of Simply Moderne magazine!

Margarita Korioth had a give away on her blog for the magazine, Simply Moderne and I commented and won this issue!  How cool is that!  To be honest, I have never seen this magazine so I was really excited to win it.  Margarita has an article with instructions  (six whole pages!) for Sun-Less printing in this issue, in the project section.

And this is the finished quilt Margarita made from her technique and  which she shows in the article.  I  loved the blue/fern pattern!!! 

I've followed Margarita Korioth's blog for quite sometime now...and not because she has the perfect first name!  Figured I'd say something about that before my blog readers do! HA

Anyway, Margarita is a mixed media quilter!  You have to check out her blog for the art work/quilts she creates using newspaper, magazine pages, etc.!  They are so cool!

Recently I ordered a digital copy of the April/May 2018 Quilting Arts magazine just to read her article on using papers in a quilt.  I've ordered and received the mixed media craft paper she references in that article but won't start on the technique until I finish Nemo!!

This is a  picture of the quilt in the QA magazine article that Margarita created.     Look at those birds and her amazing quilting.  Her quilts are always so happy or cheerful!!!!   Margarita shows her work in progress as  well as completed works on her blog.  I really enjoy see her quilts in progress!!!

Here are some other pages from my 'win' magazine to peak your interest!  It really is a nice, well laid out magazine.  This was an article on Quiltcon in Pasadena.  Lots of quilt photo's for inspiration! 

Check out this quilt by Stephanie Skardal, Clemmons, North Carolina.  I love this!!!

This was another quilt that that is so unique by Julie Haddrick, Adelaide, South this

And lots of projects in this issue as well!  That was really a surprise to me. 

This was a quilt I thought looked like it would be fun to  make!

This was really an interesting project!
I've read and reread my magazine several times and I'm taking it with me on Monday to our fiber art meeting to show the ladies.  I did find the Simply Moderne  magazine on Amazon - go figure!  Lots of back issues to order.  Guess I better put the magazine down and get back to my fish!!! 

Make sure you stop over and see Margarita's work/blog and sign up to receive her posts via email!  You'll be amazed at her workmanship and inspired by her finished work!  You don't want to miss out seeing any  of her current work! 


  1. I can see that there is a lot in the magazine that would interest you. I have never seen the magazine. Nice win.
    xx, Carol

  2. Hey….thanks so much for the new site to visit and magazine to explore….I’m trying to come out of the self-imposed retreat from anything other than finding homes for my friends fabric. I AM taking a break right now from that task as I found myself complaining too much and getting a tad crabby since I hadn’t created anything myself since the beginning of April….Your timing is great to help me switch gears!

  3. That magazine is new to me, too. What fun to get a free issue to browse and try out. Love the cactus on the cover. I'm off to visit Margarita's blog- thanks for the link. Hope you had a happy, fun 4th

  4. Nice magazine...I'm warming more and more to Modern Quilting....I did check out Marguerita's blog and love the way she mixes paper and fabric.

  5. Thank you Robbie for sharing and your kind words about my work. Enjoy the magazine :)

  6. Nice win, lucky you. I've not seen this magazine before.


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