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Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Table Runner

Yes, I have other projects to work on but in between those I made a table runner!  We bought a new high top dining table last fall and most of my table toppers are too small.  I posted this topper I made a month ago, which looked ok...
Angela Walters, Quilting is My Therapy, had a quilt along this past winter where she provided a block pattern for folks to put together in a full size quilt.  I actually thought of the table runner idea and made 3 of the blocks but never got past that step.

So a week or so ago, with no computer to research or kill time on, I pieced the blocks and added the border.  I think my bud, Susan, will recognize the border fabric!   Susan was with me when I bought 1/2 yard in black and another 1/2 yard in blue at our favorite quilt shop in Trenton, Florida.  I used both fabrics to make wine cozy's for friends

The size turned out perfect for the dining table and looks good in the dining room.  We are still looking at replacing the hanging light, which is currently green!  Not sure why we ever picked that color but it will be changed sometime!

The table is slate and wood so gray worked perfectly.

I quilted diagonally in the border, which I think looked best with the blocks.  You can't see the quilting except for the blocks anyway.   I liked the geometric look. 

Angela has lots of quilting tutorials on her site and I think she has another quilt along going on!  Be sure to check it out.  See, I have been doing some work while on my hiatus!


  1. Robbie….this is really stunning…….so clean and modern yet the comfort of good ole’ patchwork!

  2. Well,I started a comment and it's not here. However, Iggy the kitten was so I can only assume he either deleted it or posted it. Anyway, I love this piece. It looks great on the new table- just perfect for it. The neutrals really work beautifully, and that border fabric really works. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely your quilting mimics the design in your decorative bowl.

  4. It is so pretty! Proof positive that we get more done if we don't have our nose in the computer or phone.
    xx, Carol

  5. Lovely Table Topper for your new table. Great colors and stitchings. Congratulations on your win. JOYful July...<3

  6. Beautiful Robbie, I love the stitching you did.


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