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Thursday, March 1, 2018

More show and tell

This week it was a lunch at Kay's (Quilts + Color) and what a wonderful afternoon it was!  Kay made her 'famous' spinach quiche along with fresh fruit.  Both were delicious.   And then we had show & tell!  Since this was my first visit with Kay this year, I took some of my pieces that I didn't think she  had seen in person.  You can see some of those on her recent blog post here

So this post is showing some of Kay's fabulous works of art!  First off, Kay had Beth and I model her beautiful silk scarves!  You can read her post about the process here.  I love the color and print I wore and Beth's shibori pattern was outstanding and matched her outfit!
I just noticed!  It looks like Beth and I have a hat on!  I didn't realize Beth was so much taller than I am...or is it that I'm just short!  

These are two pillows Kay recently made (and she's posted on her blog and she gave me permission to post  all of these pics!).  

She screen printed the design on the first pillow and the 2nd one, if I remember correctly, is velvet she stamped.  Perfect with her couch aren't they!

I love this next piece, which Kay made using her own hand dyed fabrics.  Just beautiful isn't it!  And the circle quilting pattern only enhanced the design.

This is one of Kay's spectacular hand dyed/mandala's. I love the colors in this and the pattern she gets with her dyeing are wonderful.

These next two are older pieces Kay has recently finished.  Again, colors are great aren't they!  The fabric in this was silk...if I remember correctly!  Sigh!

I'm afraid I didn't do a good job taking notes on Kay's work!  Once again, I believe this was an older piece that someone hand quilted but I didn't get the lady's name who did the quilting.  She did a wonderful job!

These next pictures are Kay's shibori pieces.  Some she called 'dogs'...that is until she over dyed and created these.  

I also have to admit, Beth and I love Kay's house, as do others.  Kay is a person with eclectic tastes and it works so well for a house you want to spend time in!!  With that said, we spent lots of time just looking at different items in Kay's house and admiring each and every one of them and taking pictures of some!  HA  

This is a piece Kay made of clay several years ago...and it goes so well in her home!  

Wish I would have take more pictures to share with you...I may have to ask Beth for hers.  Maybe Kay will do a room by room post or posts at some point to share her home with her readers!  Whatcha think, Kay??


  1. Oh my gosh! Her work is amazing. I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of quilting sites! Her blog is lovely too.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I'm looking forward to Kay's exhibition in March. Just beautiful work.

  3. Kay has quite a talent for dyeing fabrics. Her finished scarves, pillows and quilts are amazing. The clay piece is eye candy. Lovely way to spend a day with friends and fabulous creations. <3

  4. Wonderful, inspiring work! The scarves are beautiful.


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