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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Winding down time!

Well, I finished a major..and I mean major project I've been working on since January!  Whew!  So nice to know it's finished...  This is the back of the quilt!  I can't post pics of the front of it as it's a gift.  And a big gift!  70+ on one side and larger than that on the other side!  Big for me that's for sure! HA

I also have been doing some knitting to make another cowl,  Summer Night.  This time in an indigo colored yarn.
Yarn is really darker than this photo...looks almost the same as my one below!  HA

This is what the last one I made looked like.

 I'm using the same type yarn which I really like. Not for summer but nice to have in the fall or when we return to Michigan in the spring!  HA
I also made 3 hum bug bags for the birthday tea I posted on this past week.  I do enjoy making these...once I remember how to put in the zipper!  It's a cool way to put in a zipper all in once piece!

I do have another project to finish or at least get started on! It's a piece of fabric that I need to enhance somehow!  Of course, I have lots of ideas but just need to get on board and decide what I want to do so I  can get started!  And now that my major project is out of the way, I can focus on that and other projects!

A big thank you to Sherry from Createology sent me this adorable Easter card!  The front is fabric...just lovely!  As always, Sherry is so creative and sweet in thinking of others!  Thanks to you my friend!

This is what my bud, Susan, gave me last week!  She said "it looks like something you would do or like".  And she is SO right!

Is this cool or what!  It's from 2003/newspaper and no copyright on it.   I love this and can't wait to start on it!  I can see lots of hand work in this piece and I bet beads as well!  Thank you SO much, Susan!  It's perfect for a future in line on my list!!!


  1. It’s always such a pleasure to see one of your posts popping up in my mail……can’t wait to see your BIG projects. You are a continual source of inspiration.

  2. I see lots of stitching in your "big project". I like the cowl pattern. It lays nicely and not too much bulk at your neck. We SHOULD be getting warm up here but there is SNOW in the forecast for Saturday. Stay there as long as you can!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Congrats on the "big one"- always a good feeling to cross that finish line. And on time. Oh that face!! Beading it will be great fun. Can't wait to see this in progress. Have you seen Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's big embroidered face? She works on it when she travels. It's colorful and full of various stitches. It reminds me a bit of this one in concept.

  4. I LOVE the look of the new project. It is right up my alley too! Of course, your finished projects are great too.

  5. Someone is a lucky recipient of this beauty! No doubt you feel relieved and satisfied to have it finished. I really need to learn how to make those hum bug bags. A friend is having a birthday in April, maybe I should learn now and make her one. Always an inspiration to visit your blog.

  6. I almost missed thiis pos and amm so glad I found it. Your new cowl will bbe lovely in Indigo. I LOVE your Hum Bug Bags. You are very welcome for the card. YES! This image is totally something you would bead and quilt. Spring is getting closer...<3


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