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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yep, another food post!

Well, what else do you do while on vacation!  Eat, right!!  OK, we aren't really on vacation when we stay for the winter so we should do other things.  ha   I do but eating is sometimes more interesting! 
St. Patrick's day was spent at Marilyn and John's for a celebration with 14 others.  What a fun afternoon and food was delicious as usual.  Laplante's are great hosts and go out of their way to entertain us.

Yep, there was a lot of green!

Monday evening we happen to meet up with John and Marilyn at Craft Cuisine and it was delicious!!!  Monday's are their special meal night - a four course meal.  We each had something different and the dessert (the 4th course) was also excellent!  It was Panna Cotta, which is a cold Italian type custard topped with fruit and a sauce..yum!!!

  For some reason, I forgot all about taking pictures of our courses.  But not to worry, Bob said we are going back before we leave.
Tuesday I made meat loaf and mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot..yum!!!  Who knows where we will go on Wednesday...could be eating at home using leftovers or out to eat!  Thursday I am headed to a tea hosted by Verna along with 8 other ladies.  Should be a fun afternoon...Friday we are invited to Karah and Howard's to join in welcoming their one time foreign exchange student from years ago!  We met her several years ago when she and her family visited from Mexico.  This year she is just here with her daughter.  I'll make stuffed Jalapenos to take with us for an appetizer. 

And I am finishing up a big project that is due in May!  Woohoo...almost finished...and if we stayed home I could probably have finished it in February!!


  1. Sounds and looks like fun…though you are making me hungry already at 6:30 AM!!!

  2. The fun never stops! hmmm.... the pannacotta (sp?) looks interesting. I'm just listening to a recorded book and they mentioned having it for dessert. I was trying to picture what it was, and lo and behold, you have a photo! Looks so good.


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