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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another friends' show and tell!

I have so many talented friends, and with their permission, I have an opportunity to share some of their work on m blog!  I have mentioned Peggy and her hubby, Sammy, more than once in a  post.  Yes, Sammy is as talented as Peggy!  Sam carves wooden birds that are beautiful. 

This is a current bird he is carving....and the rest are some bird carvings I took pictures of over the past few years.

And Peggy is no slouch either!  She does some beautiful watercolor paintings and makes all her own cards using her paintings for the front of her cards.  She also plays with Mixed Media and here she is holding a recent collage piece she made.
Pretty cool!!!

This is a painting Peggy made a few years ago.  So much talent! 

Peg and I played with alcohol inks two years can read that post here or here  and see some of her pieces that were beautiful.  Mine...not so much!  HA.   This next picture is one Peggy framed.  I love it!  She even gave me one of her pieces!  Woohoo!

  This past week Peggy played with alcohol inks with some ladies outside the community.  Here are some pieces Peggy created while playing.

This is upside down!  Oops!!!!

another upside down pic!   Double oops!

So, I hope you enjoyed another show and tell from another one of my talented friends!!!  I am such a lucky gal!


  1. They are a talented couple. Terry used to carve until his hands got too RA crippled. He carved a duck like the one you have shown. My favorite piece is a red cardinal he did. He also carved a group of naked men that the kids get a kick out of. Miss those days a lot.

  2. Goodness……they really are an inspiring couple….but then again…talking about slouches… definitely are not one either!!

  3. Peggy and her husband are true artists and their Works of HeArt are amazing. So grateful to see you share these beauties. I have never played with alcohol inks...yet. Wonderful Weekend Dear...<3


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