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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Working and Playing!

Yes, I still have to do laundry, cooking (instant pot mostly!), cleaning and grocery shopping while in Florida.   So it's a 'semi' vacation!  HA 

I did take some time out this week to do some fun things...met Marcia for lunch and walking around the town on Friday;  Saturday, Peggy and I headed to a local craft/art show and had a coffee at Barnes & Noble..both were nice afternoons! 

I also made some deconstructed screens last weekend so I can print some fabric...hopefully today!  Or another day this week!  Depends on how I feel. 

I'm happy with how the screens turned out and anxious to print with them. I soaked my fabric in soda ash water and its all ready to go.  I may even print on some small scrap pieces I have with me. 

I'm also over half way finished with my 'scarf from really will be a nice addition to a blouse for fall or spring.  I only knit at night and with the fingering yarn it does take forever..especially when you rip out and start over!  HA

We did have a really nice dinner this past week with 'the gang'.  We ate at SKY restaurant which is a mixture of Asian Fusion dining.  Bob had Orange Chicken and I have Coconut Shrimp (10 of them!  And yes, I brought half home!). 

Food was quite good and atmosphere was really beautiful.  Another nice evening of dinner out with buds.  We had a round table which also added to the pleasant evening.  So much easier to talk to each other! 

Temps have been in the high 80s for over two weeks.  OK, I'm over it so let's get back to the low/mid 70's...that would be fine with me.  Although, I have to say, walking dogs at night hasn't been that hot.  I'm walking girls separate so we're all getting exercise! 


  1. Oh my, that food does look good! Like you, I find that the servings are usually too large for me to eat and often wind up taking some home. AQS show this week- really looking forward to it. (Still room on the bus if you and a travel pal get the urge)

  2. What a divine life!!! Fabric projects, food, & friends……and WARM weather…….hooray!!!

  3. We have snow and ice and two showings on Monday and our Open House today had to cancel. DRAT! More snow and ice for Wed to Sat. Love your days of Friends, Fun, Fabric, and Food!!! <3


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