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Saturday, February 10, 2018

A friend's show and tell

I mentioned in my last post I had some buds up to do beading.  One of the ladies, Beth, brought some great show and tell for us!  So I guess I could have called this post BETH's Show and Tell!  Beth was playing with layering some 'ugly' fabrics (her name for them!) using stamping and stenciling.    I think they are each unique . Sit back and enjoy the show!
Beth carved the leaf stamp she used in this piece.
This was stenciling on top of stamped work

Colors are great on this 'ugly background.  How cool is this!

This is a quilted piece Beth did a few years ago.  It's fabulous in person!  She added all the beads by hand.

This is another stamped fabric Beth sewed on to the front and back of this bag.

 The center piece was discharged with a tree stencil, paint added and Beth made all the beads and attached to the black bag.  Some of the beads were given to her and some she made.  Cool!

This was a Cyano fabric Beth stenciled.  It is so crisp and just beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of Beth's work!


  1. That beaded pieces is really something else!

  2. Beth does lovely work...especially love the piece with the red gingko leaves...I love how taking an "ugly" fabric and turning it into something beautiful with some additional surface design...Bravo to Beth.

  3. Beth is very talented and seems to have a flair for stenciling on fabric, making those supposedly ugly fabrics beautiful. I especially love the black and white and red piece, it is stunning!

  4. I love Beth’s work! Thanks for sharing with us Beth!!!

  5. Beth is truly creative in so many areas! Thanks for showing her pieces here. Love all the stamping and stencilng. And she made great use of the beads and embellishments on her bags.

  6. Oh, and thank you for Betty Boop! Sent you an e-mail.

  7. You are so fortunate to be part of amazing talented ladies. These Works of HeArt are beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Dear and thank you very much for my Betty Boop postcard. XO


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