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Monday, February 19, 2018

Tyvek/Play Day 1

This past Saturday Nancy, Beth and I got together to play with burning Tyvek.  We used Lynda Monk's process from her book Fabulous Surfaces.  You can see on this post that shows how I've used tyvek in my art work, which was quite different from Lynda's process.  But it was still a fun day.  We learned quite a bit and the ladies created some cool pieces!  Enjoy day 1 - Day 2 will be show and tell from the ladies!

My samples - fabric tyvek on left - paper tyvek on right

I used acrylic paint on paper tyvek and Procion dyes on fabric tyvek

Nancy painting tyvek

Beth painting tyvek bubble envelope - didn't burn!  Good test!

More of Nancy's painted tyvek paper

Beth getting ready to burn tyvek

Nancy burning away!

Beth's burnt piece!  She ironed different painted strips.

Nancy's painted tyvek.  Cool!

Hard to see but I stamped and rolled Gesso on my piece

Another of my pieces with foiling and burnt tyvek fabric

Nancy's tyvek with foiling on borders

More of Beth using pieces of tyvek

Another of Beth's burning!

A great piece by Nancy!

More of Nancy's finished pieces!

All in all we had a great day and great tuna salad provided by Nancy!  Of course, dessert was waiting for us too!  Next post will show some of the work ladies have done!


  1. Experimental and fun! Is there an odor or fumes from the heating? Looking forward to Day 2 results.

  2. Lots of thumbs up. I know I only have two, but if I had more, they'd all be up!

  3. Now that looks like you all had a REALLY fun day.

  4. Oh my gosh…..just when I thought the Fiber Junkies had explored just about everything out there!! Thanks so much for sharing your play date……I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if our group jumps in for some tyvek fun in the near future!!

  5. Such an interesting material with great results...thanks for sharing.

  6. It is obvious you all had a lot of fun while learning how paint and ironing affect the tyvek. Great results! I've had fun with tyvek too, the possibilities are endless.

  7. This would be such a fun play day. Love the results and colors. Interesting how the different Tyvek substrates behaved...or not. All this fun and food?!! Creative Bliss...<3


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