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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tyvek 2 - Play Day Show and Tell

My last post showed a couple of us playing with Tyvek.  After all that burning we were pretty hungry, but Nancy fed us a delicious tuna salad and strawberries, along with Beth's fruit salad.  My contribution were cupcakes from Betty Cakes (yum!).  Then it was time for show and tell.  I'm just showing what the ladies brought.  The project I'm working on can't be posted so enjoy the show and tell from Nancy and Beth!

First up...Beth made both Nancy and I each a fiber covered journal!!  I love my journals and this one is just beautiful with the dyed/printed fabric and weaving Beth did.  And of course a chocolate sucker!!!  Thanks again, Beth!!!!!

This is Beth modeling her felted Calley Lilly rope/scarf.   She also beaded the center of the Lilly!!

This is a needle/sewing case Beth made using her own dyed/painted fabric.  And check out the beading she did to enhance the fabric! 

This is the inside where she added bugle beads.  I thought I had a picture of the back of the bag but guess not.  It's just as pretty with all the beading as the front.

And another journal Beth made (back side has a butterfly on it too).  She used oil pastel crayons to color the butterfly and fabric.

Another journal Beth covered with fabric.  This one she bleached the fabric over a stencil. 

And this is the back of the journal!  Isn't it adorable!!!  I'm impressed with the clean lines Beth got over the stencil. 

This is a book Beth also brought.  I'm not familiar with Valerie's work but will check her out.

Next up is Nancy and what she's been up to this past few months!  Talk about fabric being an inspiration!  Actually, this pic is upside down!  But the fabric is so awesome I don't think it matters!  Nancy stamped, dyed, painted and did shibori just to name a few techniques to create these pieces.  They are hung on a design wall in her wonderful studio.  Talk about inspiration!!

Check out Nancy's shibori pieces.  I think they are wonderful.  Something about black and white!

These are some deconstructed screen printing Nancy did last winter.  They too are stunning. 

Nancy's current project.  There will be a large sunflower added onto this background.  I love the colors!

This was a 'kinda' what I call crazy quilt Nancy was auditioning sashing on.  I think the black is outstanding for this piece! 

Hope you enjoyed my two buds show and tell!!  So nice to be inspired by your friends!


  1. Eye candy……so very inspiring… much you have talented pals to explore surface designs etc.

  2. Always wonderful to see what fiber artists are working on. I love the crisp lines Beth achieved with bleach, too. And the fabric bleached to a lovely rusty color. Wow- they get so much done.

  3. I have that book. I love it. at least I think I have it......

  4. I'm catching up and read the last post and this one today. I have seen a lot of tyvek work over the years on line, but have never seen any in person. You all have such a great time working and bouncing ideas off each other. Great show and tell too!
    xx, Carol

  5. Robbie Dear your buds are super talented and shared amazing Works of HeArt. You ladies are sew talented. What fun to share play days together and share sew much inspiration. I am in awe! <3

  6. What an inspirational meeting! So much talent!


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