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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Current projects!

Lions played football on Monday and did great!  WooHoo!!  And I got quite a bit of knitting in while watching them!   Love having my knitting to do at night while watching TV!  

 I'm making another Shrug from Sally Melville's book (Mother-Daughter Knitting) and I'm using Andrea Wong's Portuguese method, which I love (you can see my post here on this type of knitting).  The color is darker in the picture than in person and it's a soft  acrylic yarn. It feel so good to be back knitting!!!  And no pain!!!  So good!  
Also, I am almost finished with my Steampunk online challenge quilt!  This is a sneak peek!  

I've really had fun working on it.  I just have to put on the facing and cover the back - lots of hand stitching to cover up!  Our reveal is September 30th!  The next challenge is Pop Art, which I already have an idea for.  But I need to finish attaching my beaded leaf to a canvas and decide when Mr. Blue is going to live!!  And decide if or what I am going to do for my Valentine fiber cards this year!  That should keep my mind busy for a few weeks!  


  1. So good to hear that your new knitting method continues to be painfree. Congrats. on the Lions win…..believe me I know how upsetting those losses for our favorite teams can be.

  2. Your knitting is coming right along and painfree is excellent. You really do have a lot of projects you always are working on. Steampunk? I LOVE Steampunk and it enchants me. I shall look forward to your reveal. Happy Weekend...<3

  3. I'm so glad you have taken so well to the new knitting method. I'm not too big on Steampunk, but I admit that I am super taken with the Steampunk dolls that Jill Maas has been doing.
    xx, Carol


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