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Friday, September 1, 2017

A Little B & B!

First off....I'm working on the background for my "B"eaded leaf!  Needed to rest my wrist for a day or two from actual beading or making hex's!  It's a little awkward free motion quilting with my splint on but it workable!  I found this picture of my leaf when I first started to bead it!  This is all due to my bud, Susan, in Florida.  She found this huge leaf on the golf course, gave it (the actual leaf) to me, I copied it and the rest of the story is beading!  HA  Thanks Susan!  What's my next project??

I think this background will work well with the leaf.  Actually, the green is brighter and the brown is a darker brown with gold flecks. It was a piece that was sun printed a few years ago.

 I started off free motion quilting some leaves then started to echo around the leaves. It's been awhile since I've done free motion but it did feel good to be at the machine again.

I want to have this quilting finished by the 2nd Monday in September so I can take it with me to our fiber meeting.  I want to get the opinion of my friends on placement for the leaf.  The quilted background will be wrapped around canvas then I'll stitch the leaf onto both.
This piece is about 30" x 18"

So the second "B" is for BOOKS!  I do  listen to books on my IPod the majority of time but I also read at night in bed while Bob watches the news, car or war shows.  Works for me!  A few books that I've really enjoyed lately are:

The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman - Olive was a teenager when captured by the Indians while her family was traveling west.  She was eventually traded to the Mohave tribe where they raised her as their own.  What a fascinating read!  If any of you have watched Hell on Wheels, you will recognize Olive as having that same tattoo on her face as the Eva character in the series.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter - Historical novel about Ida Lewis who saved over a dozen lives while being keeper of the light on an island in Newport Harbour.  Really an interesting read as she was one tough lady!

Bring Her Home - This is by David Bell, one of my favorite mystery authors.  I've read all his books and this is his current one.  Really good  that I'm going to go and read some of it as soon as I publish this post!


  1. Your amaziing beaded leaf is so stunning and I believe this FMQ sun dyed fabric is just perfect. Mounted on a canvas will be the perfect Work of HeArt. <3

  2. You know how I love your beaded pieces. This leaf is spectacular. I'm always looking for good books to read. I'll be checking into these you mentioned. I just finished all the "Game of Thrones" books and have started another series (that I'm not thrilled about).

  3. Your beading is just the new piece you're working on..I'm also a big fan of wrapping around canvas as a way of finishing a polished. .I'm off to check out the author David new leads on books...especially mysteries..


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