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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tommy's block exchange for 2017!

Yep, another year we each volunteered to create a 12"x12" quilt block to exchange with others.  There were four (including myself) in my group this year.  Here are the blocks I've received this year!  I love each one of them and now with Tommy giving us the idea to hang them up, my sewing area is covered!   You can see some of my 12"x12" blocks hung here.   Thanks for the idea, Tommy!

In the order I received them:

 Tommy's arrived first!
Tommy's style for her work.  This was machine appliqued and machine quilted.

Followed by MaryAnn VanSoest
Check out MaryAnn's web site.  This block was screen printed gold leaf and machine stitched.

Then Carol Phillips from California
Carol pieced and fused both commercial and had dyed fabric then machine quilted.
Sorry for the crooked pic, Carol!!!  It's actually a perfect square!!!

And the block I made for each of the ladies!
You can see how I made each one here on my blog.

I love getting these quilts in the mail and enjoy holding and looking closely at each block!  This is an easy exchange to do and if you keep your group small very doable.  Tommy also gives us over six months or more to complete.  Something to think about for those smaller satellite quilting groups.

Hope we get to do this again next year...maybe I'll start hanging in our bathroom(s) next!  Now there's an idea Tommy!


  1. They're all lovely, but I still like yours the best :-D

  2. Gosh, who wouldn’t want to join this exchange group…..each piece is so special!

  3. I really missed doing this this year! These are all great too!

  4. Your blocks created and received are lovely. How fun to hang them and be able to see them daily. Lots of wonderful inspiration. <3


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