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Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting close to completion!

Geezzz We are hoping that we're getting closer to completing this major deck project!  Bob finished putting on the 1st coat on the right side of the deck floor (he has put 2 coats on the other half  (left) side already!).  Seems like it's a never ending project....

I had fiber meeting on Monday and when I got home I prepped the area for Bob to do his thing on Tuesday.  I should have the edge areas on that same area painted with the 2nd coat of paint so Bob can finish it up this weekend.  On my schedule for today!

Bob can't get the paint roller under the spindle area so I go along the edge and paint out around 4-6 inches.

I do have to go back and touch up all of the white spindles.  I did get a little sloppy with the brown stain but it will be easy to touch up.  I want to repaint our spindles on the front porch as well.  They seem to hold up but are due to be refreshed.  I think I've only painted them twice since we had the house built in '96!

I also hope to go see the horror movie 'IT' or the thriller 'Mother' with my DIL this weekend!  Guess we'll see how that works out!  I love horror movies...but realistic horror there such a thing??


  1. I love the spooky shows too, but it's hard to get Terry to the theater. So, I usually watch On Demand or Netfix when he is napping. The deck IS a huge project. I really should have done ours again this year, but we worked on the fence instead.

    I see one of the pooches is the Chief Inspector!
    xx, Carol

  2. So….when your FL winter pals ask you what you did on your summer vacation……you certainly have something to share!!!

  3. I am not a fan of anything horror or spooky or I am very happy you are. Decks are such a lot of work. Hopefully you and Bob are done soon. <3

  4. Your deck will look so nice when you're done -- plus you're getting exercise! I can't watch horror movies. They give me nightmares.


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