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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Busy Life!

This weekend we actually finished the deck!!!  I had to touch up some white spindles as well as a few strokes of beige stain (where I over lapped my white!  Oops!).  But my part is done...done...done!!!  Bob did find a piece or edge of wood that is rotten so he's repairing that.  But, did I mention, WE'RE DONE!!!!  Now to start raking leaves!!!

Monday was hair dye day (for me!) and Tuesday I helped for almost 3 hours putting books in order for our local library book sale this coming Saturday!

 Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:00 am   until 5:00 pm

Yes, I wore my wrist braces but I should have put on my back brace too!  Thank goodness Bob took me out to dinner!  My back was killing me.  I think I unloaded over 20 boxes!  I filled up four 4'x6' tables with different categories of books...Medical, History, Diet, non fiction, travel, etc.  I'll go back on Thursday to help finish up.  I won't be working the sale on Saturday, which is just as well, as I'd spend more $$'s on books that I won't get a chance to read!

 On another note....My daughter was in Singapore last month and one of the assistants was so sweet and kind to Dawn.  She made sure Dawn had lunch or dinner and always had water for her throughout the day or anything else she might need!

This sweet lady  made a necklace for Amber and me!  This is my necklace and I think it's  beautiful.  I will certainly wear it and think of her when I do.

I made a fiber card  for this lovely lady.  I had this fabric I stamped and stenciled when I was in Florida last winter.  The leaf is one of my hand carved stamps, which I use often!  The fabric is Kaufman's Radiance which dyes beautifully but is very thin as it's a combo of silk..but it's great for fiber cards.  I don't use it often in my quilts because it is so light weight. But it does dye beautifully and makes a nice fiber card because of the pellon backing to support it!

This is the back of the card with a note to Sally.  Yep, I hid her address!  HA  I have  it in an envelope to mail tomorrow.  I usually just mail my fiber cards as it but I was afraid it might not make it all the way to Singapore!  The longest fiber card trip was to Australia!  And it did arrive in one piece!


  1. A lovely and thoughtful gift. I bet she loved the post card you sent too. Glad your deck project is DONE! It's a good day for me when the current day on my planner is EMPTY, which does not happen more than once a week.
    xx, Carol

  2. You and your deck have certainly spent a lot of time together this summer! Done is a good thing. Nice gifts- both given to you and given by you. Oh the books- they do get so heavy. Be kind to your back. I'd have a problem snatching a few that I'd want to buy as I worked, I'm sure. Jacksonville quilt show this weekend- I think we are all ready for a little quilt show time!

  3. Love your fiber card. I'm sure it wil be much appreciated.

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