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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This and That!

Lots of running this past week....Hair appointment, setting  up at the library for the book sale.  Wednesday  went to dinner for my daughter's BD...this was taken last Saturday when my daughter and I headed to farmer's market and then lunch.  She had back surgery so we were keeping her walking!!!   She's doing pretty good and will get the OK to go back to work possibly this week!

Thursday was football game for my grandson, took 'girls' for their grooming then to the movies with my grandson to see IT on Saturday!  I read the book years ago but forgot most of it!

In addition to all that...Bob has had a hamstring pull which had him sidelined most of the week and even through this week!  I woke up on Saturday with a 'catch' in my back, which I know was from lifting boxes at the library!  UGH...I was so careful to remember to wear my wrist bands but forgot my back brace....I could barely get out of the chair at the show after sitting for over 2 hours....better today finally!!!

This week will be a slow one...just taking it easy each day...but our DIL, MaryJo and Grandaughter, Kayla did not take it easy this past weekend!  They were in a Half Marathon in Holland, Michigan  both finished and did great!!!  Kudo's to them!!!  We are so proud of both of them...and in this heat!  WOW!!!  You go girls!

Tuesday was Nick's BD!!  Woohoo!  14 already!!  And yes, he's taller than I am!

 But no BD party yet...Nick has football practice every day from 3:30 - 6:30 but Auntie was going to pick up pizza and take over to the house for him and the family.  He asked his mother the other day "when will my BD be on a weekend??"...funny...poor kid has always been in football so even when he had a weekend BD he had a football game!  So that was our I'm started to work on the Pop Art quilt!!!  Here's a start!!  Or teaser!


  1. Yup, those kids keep us hopping and we LOVE it, don't we. My grandson saw IT twice and told me he loved it. I'm just now getting Terry to watch NETFLIX! Longmire broke the ice, lol. We'll have a weekend in Chicago this coming week. I LOVE my hometown and am so excited to go.
    Geez, I wake up almost every day with a stitch in my back and wonder all the time what the heck I did.
    xx, Carol

  2. You certainly did have a very busy week. Please be careful of your back and Healing Energy to your daughter on her back surgery. Life is Good and it is important to be busy and active. Happy Falling into Autumn...<3


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