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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We're Home!

We made it home, safe and sound, on Monday around noon!  So good to be home...don't get me wrong...we enjoy and are so thankful for being able to stay the winter in Florida but I am glad to be home!

But really it's all about the girls!!  They are back on watch at our front door.

AND toys all over in front of the TV!

AND pooped by evening!  HA

I have to say not only were the girls tired but so were Bob and I!  We unloaded the entire SUV and for those who know us, know that it was packed!  After the unload, I headed off to the grocery store and ended up missing Publix!!  But that's another story!  When I got home, I popped some frozen dinner in the oven for Bob and I...yes, I succumbed to frozen dinners!  Just so I could start to unpack some suitcases.   Bob got several of his space saver bags emptied and clothes put away.  Then we had dinner, I finished dishes and we then unloaded and put away EVERYTHING!  Well, not my art supplies or Bob's golf stuff.  His goes in the car and some of mine go in my dye room downstairs and the rest go in my sewing area.  But that can happen quickly and will have to wait until later this week.

By the time we got to bed Monday night, we were exhausted!  But we had a really good night sleep in our own bed again!  Yesterday, I left to get my roots dyed and highlights while Bob stayed with the girls and installed this! 

It's a NEST and is really cool.  You don't have to switch back and forth from heat and air.  You just set the temperatures you want and it will do it on its own!  And you can control it from you phone!  How smart is that!  Plus, we got $100 back from Consumers Energy!  Now there's a deal!  

Of course, this is the position both girls are back in each morning!  

Today, the girls go to the spa!  I'm having them clipped a little different by a new groomer.  Kalee has her 'day job' on Friday so we want her to look really good!!!

 Seems like we never left!!  Some things never change!!


  1. Looks like you are settling in just fine!

  2. Seems like just yesterday you were eating out with The Gang!

  3. It s always so good to be matter how wonderful the trip. I actually got to meet and hug the inventor of NEST thermometer through our mutual car loves. He is very quiet and humble. The girls look exhausted. Happy Month of May Dear...<3

  4. So glad you made it home safely. I was a bit concerned because of all the stormy weather in your path. Boscoe, all 125 pounds of him, loves to lay on Terry's lap on the recliner. He has since he was a puppy. Terry's chair is a motorized recliner. When we ask Boscoe if he want to ride the "elevator" he knows just what we mean.
    xx, Carol

  5. Glad you're home safe and sound with lots of good memories...The "girls" look pooped but very happy also. Our cat does patrol watch also out our dining room I understand the need for our little fluffy companions to want to protect our household!

  6. And another whirlwind on arrival back home! But it's good to get things settled in, and the girls look very contented to be "at home" again.


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