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Friday, May 19, 2017

Creating Background Fabric - Day 2

Day 2 - I'm not showing the before and after pics...just too many pics to upload and I'm lazy today!  So here are the results of fabrics I stamped or did rubbings with Neocolor 1 pastels or oil pastels (cheap brand not the Shiva - only 1 piece used Shiva) which I showed in my  last post.  These were each brushed with a dye solution of blue, green and brown.

This should be the last pic because it's not very pretty!  I painted with all of the leftover dye....the stamp was red textile paint on one of my foam/cardboard stamp.

The top piece was stamped with Shiva oil pastel in white.  The only piece I used a Shiva pastel on.  Then I brushed on blue dye.

The bottom was a rubbing using Neocolor 1 pastels and painted with green dye.

Another piece with rubbings using Neocolor 1 pastels.  Blue dye...duh!

Just a closeup of the rubbing

I don't think I painted over this with green dye...seems to me I just used green textile paint to stamp....again and again!  HA

Ditto with this piece.  Fossil Fern background fabric that was stamped with green textile paint.

Red stamping then brushed with blue dye.

Another Neocolor rubbing and brushed with blue dye.

This was a deconstructed screen printing that I did rubbings with Neocolor and Gelato pastels.

I have two of these pieces.  Similar but different!

This was a canvas type fabric that was stamped with textile paint, then brushed with the brown dye.

I am keeping this piece as is.  It's a rubbing using gold and purple Neocolor 1 pastels on white fabric.  I think it would be perfect for a whole cloth piece but with hand stitching.  We'll see!


  1. Wow…..such great results…….really…..they are all simply wonderful

  2. Gorgeous background fabrics you are creating dear.


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