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Saturday, May 6, 2017

RIP Brody

My son called last night with the news their 'boy' Brody had to be put to sleep.  So heart breaks for the family and even more so for my son.  Brody was his 'boy' and best friend.

 Darrin is so heart broken and so are we.

Brody was 178lb baby

And a handsome boy too

Kids and I took him for a ride!

And he liked sitting on grandma's lap

No caption necessary!

Brody loved his other grandma too!!  They were best buds

He was a good boy

Rest in can run with all the other dogs now!!


  1. OH I am so sorry. What a beautiful dog. He doesn't look very old.....did he get hit by a car or something. So sad......

  2. Sad news indeed. I'm sorry you've all lost your pal. He wasn't very old, was he?

  3. I am so sorry for the family. Keep in mind, we hurt so badly because we live so deeply. We are dealing with Chloe the Smelly Basset's soft tissue sarcoma. Keeping her happy till we have to say goodbye,

  4. Condolences for you and your family. Brody looks like he was a sweet soul. It is always so difficult when our fur-children leave us. Blessings dear...<3

  5. SO sad…….it seems we are never prepared for this inevitable heartbreak!

  6. I was sorry to see you post this on FB. I was talking to my SIL yesterday and she mentioned that their neighbor had to have their Great Dane put down for the same reason just a couple of weeks ago. It's so sad to lose one of your family this way.
    xx, Carol


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