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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Creating Background Fabric - Day 1

Sometimes you just have to play with your paints, stamps and fabric!  So that's what I did!  I showed the results of using the iron to transfer rubbings in my last post.  This time I decided to do the old fashioned way of stamping and rubbings!


Above picture is a stamp I carved several years ago along with a negative of the same stamp I made using the foam (green stamp - you heat it and stamp with your stamp!).

Another stamp I made...

I stamped two of these pieces, which are Pat Campbell's fossil fern yellow, with the stamp above.

Above is a stamp I carved this past winter with our little fiber group in Florida.

I ended up using the stamp above as well as using the smaller tree stamp in previous pics.

The stamp above is actually sticky foam I cut and put on a piece of cardboard.  It's been getting a lot of use and I'm not sure how much longer it will last but so far so good!

The stamps above are positive and negative stamps.  Again, I carved the bottom stamp and then did an imprint on to heated foam to create a negative stamp.

I used a canvas fabric for this stamping.  All the rest of the pieces are muslin (bleached) or JoAnn's white Egyptian fabric.

This is a roller type stamp...not even sure where I got it from!  But it worked out pretty good.

This is a piece of fabric that was screen printed using deconstructed screen printing technique...I think this was about the fourth or fifth pass.  Nothing exciting....

But after stamping using Neocolor 1 pastels, I am really happy with this piece.  I actually had two of these pieces I stamped.  Again, I used Neocolor 1 and an oil pastel crayon.

I did several other pieces that I didn't take photo's of...but my next post will show some of those as well as some from this post that I painted over with dye!  What fun!  I was inspired by Hilary B., who does wonderful work and shares so much!  I love her embroidery stitching she does with floral designs.  Just fantastic work.  Check her out!!


  1. You’ve really inspired me……not sure I could manage cutting such wonderful stamps…..but now I’m going to try!

  2. You get such great detail in your stamp designs. And how clever to do the negative image on the foam- a two-fer. What fun.

  3. Do you use a linoleum block to carve your stamps..? them...great images. I also love the 3rd or 4th pass of your deconstructive fabric...I love when the design looks broken up and then what you did with stamps on me some good ideas!

  4. Looks like you had fun! I really need ro do some more of that stuff. In my free time.,

  5. Those stamps you carved yourself are really impressive, and I love the idea of using the foam to create a negative image!

  6. Your carved stamps are amazing and how interesting that you have created negatives from the positives. Love how you are playing with stamps and fabrics and color mediums. Creative Stamping Bliss...<3


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