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Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting back to a schedule and to exercising!

My friends know that both Bob and I are very regimented!  And I would assume, those who read my blog aren't surprised by this either!  HA  So having a schedule is important to me or at least having some sort of a semi schedule at least!   I usually clean on weekends - a leftover from the years I worked.  The rest of the week I will clean/pickup, play, visit friends, work on my art work, Kalee's therapy dog job, etc.

I am finally finishing up my spring cleaning and may be getting the routines of my world back!
Exercise is/has also been a routine.  Which I finally started back on again this past Thursday.  And for those who want to know what I do...if you have no interest you can back out and go read someones interesting blog post today....I won't know that you left!  😁  Here goes!

I used to do the the 7 Minute Workout and thought it was great!  I could even 'plank' for at least a full minute!  I liked that I had it on my phone so I could basically do the exercises anywhere and any time.  When my wrists/hands started to get bad I had to eliminate some of the exercises but I still walked the dogs at least twice a day and would get in 1.5 miles - 3 miles, depending on the weather in addition to some 'easy' exercises!

When I visited my sister earlier this winter, she introduced me to a new type of exercise that I am totally hooked on!!!  It is the Walking at Home exercise by Leslie Sansone.   I love to walk so this form of cardio exercise is perfect for me.  You can check out her video(s) here.  I really get a workout and because Leslie has so many different YouTubes you don't get bored.  And I sure can work up a sweat and get the heart rate up!   With Leslie's workout can get you to obtain 15 minute miles!  Now that's pretty good!
I'm back into the grove of exercising daily!  I'm not up to the 3 mile mark yet but I do 2 miles for a few days then back to 1 mile days depending on what else I'm doing!   Like moving furniture and spring cleaning!
So far, I have only watched her YouTube channel but I am considering signing up for her monthly program.  You can see the details here.   I think I'll do the $4.99 month (you also get 1 month free with this) and if I like it, then I will sign up for the year.   I can download to my phone or Android tablet which will also be convenient.   So guess I'll stop writing this post so I can go sign up!


  1. I used to do some of her videos back in the 80's! Glad to see she is still at it.

    I swim (or try to) 3 days a week.

    I would love to walk outside but the weather here has been so awful. Maybe this summer.

  2. I definitely need more cardio -- four days a week of yoga doesn't do it. You're an inspiration!

  3. Love the walking idea, I have to fit in some more exercise and this could be the way to do it. Thanks

  4. I admire your exercise approach! Thanks for your kind visit and words. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  5. Routines escape me iin my daily life. I would like them but hubby and I never have any day the same as any other day. Your exercising is to be admired. Back in the groove...<3

  6. With all the travel teaching I used to do…..being organized was vital…..and I too thrive best with a schedule……though my schedule never seems to be the same!

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