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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Last post from Florida for 2017!

By the time most of my followers read this (although, there are some early birds aren't there!), we'll be on the road heading back to Michigan!  It seems like we've been here for quite some time (four months actually!) and yet it doesn't seem that long!  Although, with all the eating out we've been doing it does seem like a long time!  HA

So of course, we had to have a 'last 2017 supper' with the gang!

We had a great dinner (pizza!) at Dan Zano's in Ocala.  We ate there about a month ago and it was just as good  as it was the first time!   And we got one cheese pizza free!  So guess what we'll be eating Saturday night in the hotel room for dinner!

I have to say it's like leaving family when we have to say  goodbye to our Florida friends.  Hard to leave Michigan to head south and hard to leave Florida to head north!  But we are blessed and lucky to be able to spend the winter here.

A huge thanks to the gang and another hug and thanks to Jan and Larry for allowing us to 'move into' the OP home for four months!

I have to show what Jan gave me today...she asked if I wanted  a Publix shopping bag (I love, love, love Publix!). I said "OK" and look what she gave me!  Isn't it cute!  It's a key chain with a little bag!
Well, squirrel didn't get a face finished this week...but I did get lots done!

So he is now packed away in the car with all my other art and sewing supplies! No he's not a smoker...I just keep my beads in a cigar box!  Doesn't everyone!


  1. How do you not weigh a zillion pounds with all the eating you do in Fla. You must starve yourself in MI! LOL

    Safe travels!

  2. Safe Travels North Dear. Mr. Blue is sew STUNNING!!! Four months certainly passed very quickly. <3

  3. I can't even tell you how much I'm loving Mr Blue!!


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