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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Last minute work

Well, next week I'll be packing up my art supplies in the back seat/floor of the SUV!  Before I do that I wanted to get working on another project.  My bud,  Susan, and I headed to the quilt shop this past Monday so I could pick up some background and leaf fabrics.  Susan has a great eye and is the perfect mate to take with you fabric shopping!  Of course, we stopped for a nice lunch too! But I digress.....I wanted to make 2 D leaves...similar to the leaves on my Wolf quilt shown here.

Well, thank goodness for my blog...for the life of me I couldn't remember how I made those buggers!  So, I did a search on my blog and found a post I did in 2009 on making the leaves.  WooHoo!  You can see the process here.  And here is a close up of the 2D leaves.

The 'green' I purchased for my current leaf project isn't your typical lawn green or even pretty green but the color/value is what I need for this project.   I printed out some pictures of leaves and glued the page to a lightweight piece of  cardboard (actually it was an advertisement for pizza).  Then I cut out the leaf shapes for tracing!

 Here is one piece that I free motion quilted some leaves.  This is a batik which is pretty but different for leaves!  I will be adding some shading with pencils.

Next up was to cut out the buggers, which isn't easy with these hands/wrists!  Now on to the next step of quilting the brown background fabric you see behind the leaves.  I hope to get to that phase on Friday.

 Once I finish the quilting on the background I'll pack up this project.  I will keep Mr. Blue out to work on when I have free time at night.  But next week will be really busy with cleaning and packing up so art will have to wait until Michigan!


  1. I love seeing your process for the art you create. Man, time sure flew. Here it is, time for you to head back home. I've been feeling like Robbie. Since my foot surgery we have either had carry out or eaten out. I am totally spoiled. Yesterday I made chili. I think it was the first time I actually cooked in 3 months. I LIKE not cooking. It's not that expensive when you don't have to buy groceries, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh my gosh- next week??? Looks like we wont get a face-to-face meetup before you leave afterall. But I enjoy our cyber friendship very much. Your time sure seems to have flown by and you pack it full of fun things. Thanks for the reminder on the leaf making. I have a project that needs leaves and will certainly refer to your process for adding them. OK now, you called them "buggers" twice- does that reflect the level of challenge in making them? Ha!

  3. Totally love the leaves and the way you make them (looked at your older post)....Safe and happy travels next week.

  4. Lovely leaves! You always do such intricate projects and that is why your Works of HeArt are always so interesting and beautiful. Mr. Blue will be very happy to occupy your evenings before your travels North. Enjoy every day remaining in Florida...

  5. Thank you for the informative tutorial…….I just heard from some friends of mine who live in Watersmeet, MI….they had snow this morning….perhaps you want to rethink your trek back to MI….(I know you aren’t that far ‘up North’ but still!!!!

  6. Your leaves are really gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

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